Wolf Moon lunar eclipse kicks off penumbral quartet for 2020 (photos)

Jan 10, 2020
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Is anyone aware of anyone having been able to observe this penumbral eclipse, or any other penumbral eclipse, at or near sunrise or sunset? If so, would you have been able to distinguish it from any other full Moon without advance knowledge about the event, its precise timing, and what to expect?
As for last night's penumbral eclipse, I was happy to experience perfectly clear skies while watching it six hours past sunset, high in the sky, from Sweden at 60 N 15 E, and at 6 Centigrades below freezing.

Although I was trying my best to discern the darkening of the full Moon. I certainly would not have been able to distinguish this penumbral eclipse full Moon from any other full Moon without prior knowledge of this event. Even at that I cannot say with certainty that I noticed the difference, although I believe I did. This is my first attempt to observe a penumbral eclipse event, so I am not an experienced observer of such events, and in addition my vision is not as perfect as I would wish it would be.

Because of my interest in ancient reports of celestial events, my above question is very important to me. So please, if anyone has any insight whatsoever that may in any way serve as an answer to my above question, kindly share with me whatever you may have!
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