X37B weird isn’t the half of it.

The secret X37B is not a spy plane. It is a test platform for an advanced propulsion system using science that is publicly denounced as breaking some sort of GR parity law. Physics based on a double standard.

The inertial field (the mechanism of inertia) was found by gravimeters operated by the Texas Company (later Texaco) in 1939. General Relativity became immediately irrelevant except as a smoke screen to hide the new science. By 1970, concealment of contrary phenomena and dogmatic and arbitrary interpretation of GR had led physics into a dead end.

The Standard Model for particles was both science and a smoke screen. People That Don’t Share Science (PTDSS) needed a way to create an artificial inertial field and the answer could only be found at the atomic level. The hunt for the next great particle was a cover story for finding a means of artificially generating an inertial field.

Whether the PTDSS’s found the Higgs Boson is irrelevant, they did find out how to generate an artificial inertial field. Imagine a device that generates motion without using reaction mass. Converting one form of energy into kinetic energy (the inertial field). PTDSS intentionally released “propulsion by microwave horn” as a brilliant example of a wild goose chase.

Unlike the “Warp Field” Syfy plot device the inertial field produces motion at sub-light speeds. The speed of light remains a formidable barrier.

The X37B might have an undeclared fission reactor on board. Particles from this reactor might be used to generate the atomic interactions which produce the artificial inertial field.

Both the inertial field and the atomic method of producing an artificial inertial field were stolen from the people of Earth by science quietly evolving in secret while keeping the old irrelevant science publicly in place.
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The “Secret” X37B specifications.

This “secret” spy plane has a very high Delta-V according to published reports. If you were testing an advanced propulsion system you would also display a high Delta-V. So they published a bunch of fake specifications that would explain away the X37B’s unusual maneuverability.

The “secret” interior was largely filled by two fuel tanks which are probably a fraction of the size stated in the published specs.

The stated electrical power source is solar cells and batteries. I will throw away my quantum of credibility and say that it has a medium output cold fusion reactor. It took 40 days to react to the publishing of the first Cold Fusion paper before Nature magazine was calling it pathological science. Pons and Fleischmann really hit a nerve. Public sources for Palladium incorporate several ppm of specific elemental contaminates that poison the reaction.

The assumed electrical power capacity of the X37B is pretty low so any experiments would have to be low powered. Fuel power cells and their tanks are quite bulky.

Has anyone studied the thermal emissions of the X37B? My guess is that the fusion reactor is generating a lot of excess heat that has to be radiated away. Those solar cells could mask a large thermal radiator.

Why did they choose a space plane? A spy satellite does not have to return to Earth, it can transmit anything that it captures to the ground. The published cargo capacity for the X37B is ridiculously small. Calling it a spy plane is a great cover story when you start acting paranoid when people start asking questions about it.

Whatever is on board the X37B the least interesting possibility is that it is a spy plane.
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Most X-37B payloads are classified, and the Air Force releases few details about the spacecraft's orbit and activities. The only OTV-5 payload that Air Force officials have revealed is the Advanced Structurally Embedded Thermal Spreader, or ASETS-II.

Developed by the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), this cargo is testing experimental electronics and oscillating heat pipes for long-duration stints in the space environment.

They are dumping a lot of heat for the something having such limited electrical generating capacity (based on solar arrays?).

The heat sink is listed as payload not as protective shielding for re-entry.

In Earth orbit according to what I have found, rotation and orbital shadows will average out to a cool room temperature if the object has enough mass. The cold Apollo 13 command module scene supports this scenario.

At the least, heat generation seems a bit high for something running on batteries and solar arrays.

Does anyone have a good picture showing those solar arrays deployed?
Scrap the idea of an undeclared fission reactor. Fission reactors/thermoelectric generators are placed on a long boom to minimize radiation. Fission reactors and electronics don’t mix. The plane design would prevent such a reactor from burning up on reentry and spreading embarrassing radioactive material all over the place (happened before). The plane is to recover the experiment, not to spy.

The experiments of the X37B could have a low duty cycle. Kind of like a cell phone which takes a day to charge and lasts 10 minutes.

This would also explain the large thermal radiator since a day’s worth of solar power might be pulled out of the batteries in 10 minutes and that would produce a large amount of waste heat.

This amount of power doesn’t make sense for electronics which could be tested on the ground. Small optics are inferior to big optics and optics does not consume a lot of power over short intervals.

Ion drives can be tested on the ground and are operational on some satellites and spacecraft already. Ion drives have been under development for nearly 50 years (theoretical to practical). Ion drives are not a secret and are not worth this secrecy.

If it was a weapon other countries would have cheerfully blown it out of the sky if it had attacked one of their space assets.

I give a high probability that the X37B is testing a propulsion technology which has been in development for more than 50 years.

It is logical to assume that this type of drive technology would violate the principle of equivalence within General Relativity (making GR irrelevant). At the same time (approximately 50 years ago) the American scientific hierarchy became rigid and dogmatic about the infallibility of General Relativity.
Sensitive compartmented information (SCI) can hide an elephant in the room.

Who can see the reports about the X37B drive technology?

Has this information ever crossed the U.S. President’s desk?

What civilian authority has control over this program?

Has anyone outside the US government (as private individuals) received this information? If this information were reported out of the government it would also constitute prima facie evidence for a charge of espionage.

When there is a paper trail to follow, a conspiracy is not theoretical.

Also nix the cold fusion reactor. Converting heat to electricity usually requires a fluid or gas and mechanical systems like turbines. A theoretical cold fusion reactor design would look a lot like a fission reactor (with less shielding). Reactors tend to be suitable for fixed installations or cargo ship size mobile installations. Too large, heavy, and complex to be useful for this application.

Beyond the orbit of Mars solar arrays are worthless. Even if the drive works, we still need a space rated nuclear power source.

Shown is Roscosmos nuclear powered spacecraft. The glowing radiators are dumping heat. Yes, it does look like James Cameron’s design.

The Empire gave me irrefutable proof of its existence.

Then I found a lot of science that looked to be intentionally distorted or missing.

Connecting the two was not at all difficult.

Controlling information (including science) was how the Empire became so powerful.

I actually tend to trust older science. The equations of Kepler and Newton will give everybody the same answer. The Equations (more like incantations) of General Relativity cannot be run on a computer and will not give anybody the same answer. Therefore, GR cannot be refuted and functions as the perfect smokescreen to hide secret science.

The equations of Kepler and Newton only need some modification by Temporal Theory to produce what is observed (and it will run on a computer). No dark matter required. Temporal theory is just a more detailed view (Quantum Gravitation included) which builds on their work.

As far as the X-37B is concerned, its unusual low power duty cycle indicated a high energy consumption process. The Empire wants to take over the world so that strongly suggests that they were testing a propulsion system that they had developed using 90 years of secret science.
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Supposition: Light(energy, excitability, pressure gradient forms, etc.) doesn't travel at the same speed just has same dd/dt using varied symmetrical spiral tubes currently perceived/described verbally , i.e a very advanced form of static yet pliable extremely small mass effect as wave lengths, oscillations, energy levels, etc., i.e. a very advanced static yet pliable extremely micro, yet summatively macro "fiber optics." Ultimately the energy/mass viaduct of our Universe.
Are you familiar with Einstein’s motor? It was a motor that used magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) to circulate liquid metal. Railguns (hyper velocity cannon) are another MHD application.

Einstein’s motor doesn’t appear to exist on the internet, at least not in its original form. The Empire is rewriting history again.

Another scientific phenomenon called Alfvén Waves also seems to have been moved into the shadows. A fictional magnetic phenomenon called magnetic reconnection has replaced it.

When the Empire takes the trouble to hide something that usually means that they suspect it could be useful. They will act to make sure that there isn’t any research competition. The American National Science Foundation will block funding for Non-Imperial scientists in this area. The Empire uses American tax dollars to fund their research and then keep the results for themselves. A single proprietary document in a database is the legal fig leaf to make an entire government database proprietary.

The Sun’s surface temperature is about 6000 C while the Sun’s coronal temperature is over a one million. Alfvén Waves are the probable cause for the difference.

The Empire may have found a way to use Alfvén Waves to create a spacecraft propulsion system. If it is merely acting on the ionized gases found in low Earth orbit that might explain the low orbits of the Starlink torpedoes.

I don’t think that anyone has published anything on the effects of an Alfvén Wave generator on a clock. If Alfvén Waves do affect (atomic?) clocks then it is possible that they might be configured to generate propulsion for a spacecraft as a massless drive.

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