Actual Feasibility of Long Distance Interplanetary Travel for the layperson.

Jan 23, 2020
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I'm no rocket scientist however I'd like to think I'm not an idiot. Can someone please answer some feasibility questions for me?
1. What is the plan in the near future methods to best propel a spacecraft across the Galaxy? Are we going to use methods we currently employ or are thier actual methods such as cold fusion, solar winds that are currently under construction? How much faster/more efficient can we get actually get realistically?
2. With all the space junk/debris, man made or naturally occurring floating around up there ....what is the realistic chance a spacecraft maybe struck by something that can cause enough damage to endanger a mission and what is the emergency plan for repairs if this happens or do we just hope it does not?
3. How will law and jurisdiction work in space or on Mars? Will it become sovereign soil of a Nation on Earth or will it have its own sovereignty? How will enforcement of those laws take place? By a earthbound body or will it be separate..i.e. if someone breaks a law on Mars are they punished there or here and does it still apply to them on Earth?

I will add more questions later.....
Please answer declaratively only if you are qualified to do so ....

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