After the James Webb Space Telescope, what's the next big thing for astronomers?


Jan 14, 2023
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Build a telescope in space? If the JWST took decades, this would take a century. Thousands of engineers and scientists worked on the JWST, how efficient do you think getting just a fraction of those workers back and forth from space will be? It's like Ford saying we're going to build our next car in the middle of an expressway.
No wonder all these projects go over budget and schedules.
If I were running the astronomy institution, the first thing I would do is verify one path c. Once and for all. We spend billions on quantum physics and cosmological science based on c. All of science is based on c. Let's verify it. With true path measurement. And after that, under motion conditions. SURELY we can do this today.

Next, investigate inertial measurement error. I believe we have inertial artifacts which are included with our results. And I believe this error changes with rate. And changes with changing rate. It curves our results with rate. It's common and many believe our true physicality curves with it. This hides true nature from us. We need a non-inertial sensor. A non-reactive detector.

And after that, a method to measure the speed of gravity.

Let's firm up these fundamentals, that all seen happy to assume.