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May 10, 2021
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Once, you guys come to understand that Edwin Hubble was correct for the entirety of his life quote):
"If you are believing that my redshift discovery is doppler redshift, then, you are reading too much into my redshift discovery!!"
This is a bit confusing. Surely Hubble used the red shift to determine that the Universe seems to be expanding. He very specifically used the Doppler effect to determine that the universe expands. Did he then later go on to claim that the red shift wasn’t due to the Doppler effect at all but to something else. If so surely the whole mathematical reasoning on which his calculations were based would also be skewed? One thing that has been determined is that light (electromagnetic radiation) does obey the Doppler red shift. Proof of this can be founbd in the tiny shift in frequency from the Voyager transmissions.

“Each Deep Space Network site has a highly accurate frequency source that can be tuned to compensate for the Doppler frequency shift caused by relative movement between the transmitting and receiving antennas. Compensation takes into account the movement of the spacecraft, the rotation of the Earth around the sun, and the revolution of the Earth around its axis. Receivers are able to detect frequency shifts that are a fraction of a hertz.” All about

What makes things even stranger is that this figure corressponds with a high degree of accuracy toi the Hubble Red Shift.
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Solar eclipse Saturday Oct 14. Starts about 10 AM goes to 1 PM. Depends where you live. Nothing to see but a crescent looking straight at it, plus you need expensive solar filters.
Best way to see it is to look at the light dapples on the ground under every shade tree. There will be hundreds of tiny crescents. Kids go crazy when they see them.
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Apr 26, 2020
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Many thanks, Dr. Joe. May I repost my question from the previous week?

>DrJoePesce said:
>Thanks for the follow-up XinhangShen. My understanding (maybe incorrect) is that the
>GPS satellites' clocks are synchronized. I don't think they are synchronized with the
>ground clocks. I'll see if I can get someone better versed in this subject to weigh in.

I think that all the clocks including the ground clocks should be synchronized so that they all have the same time that can be used to determine the position. Some people argue that the clock on a satellite and the clock on the ground are synchronized only relative to the ground reference frame and not synchronized relative to the satellite reference frame. If it was true, then the difference between the clocks observed from the satellite would monotonically grow but can't be corrected because the clocks are still synchronized observed from the ground frame, which is obviously not the case on the clocks of the GPS.

I think, Lorentz Transformation is a redefinition of space and time (called relativistic time in the following) which is no longer the clock time, but a fake time without physical meaning.

In fact, Lorentz Transformation is mathematically equivalent to the following definitions:

t' = (1/γ)T' - (γv/c^2)X'
x' = γX'
y' = Y'
z' = Z'

where γ = 1/sqrt(1 - v^2/c^2), (X', Y', Z', T') is the Galilean spacetime of the inertial reference frame moving at speed v in the X-direction relative to aether, (x', y', z', t') is the relativistic spacetime of the same inertial reference frame. When v = 0, relativistic spacetime (x, y, z, t) becomes the same as Galilean spacetime (X, Y, Z, T).

Galilean spacetime follows Galilean Transformation:

T' = T
X' = X - vT
Y' = Y
Z' = Z

We can verify that the speed of light defined by Galilean spacetime follows Newton's velocity addition law, while the speed of light defined by relativistic spacetime is constant relative to all inertial reference frames:

C = X/T

C' = X'/T' = (X - vT)/T = X/T - v = C - v

c = x/t = X/T = C

c' = x'/t'
= (γX')/[(1/γ)T' - (γv/c^2)X']
= (X'/T')/[(1/γ^2) - (v/c^2)(X'/T')]
= C'/[(1 - v^2/c^2) - (v/c^2)C']
= (C - v)/[1 - v^2/c^2 - (v/c^2)C + v^2/c^2]
= (c - v)/(1 - v/c)
= c

That means, all what Lorentz Transformation does is to redefine spacetime.

Since the clock time Tc is defined by the number N of cycles of a physical periodical process:

Tc = N/k

where k is a calibration constant and equals 9,192,631,770 for a cesium atomic clock.

The clock times Tc and Tc' of two clocks attached to the inertial reference frames defined by Galilean spacetime (X, Y, Z, T) and (X', Y', Z', T') are

Tc' = N'/k = (T'/Τ' )/k = (T/Τ)/k = N/k = Tc

where the Galilean periods Τ and Τ' of the two clocks are the same because Galilean time is absolute.

This equation tells us that clock time is also absolute same as Galilean time.

In special relativity, the clock times Tc and Tc' of two clocks attached to the inertial reference frames defined by relativistic spacetime (x, y, z, t) and (x', y', z', t') can be calculated by:

N' = t'/𝜏'
N = t/𝜏
t' = t/γ
𝜏' = 𝜏/γ

Tc' = N'/k = (t'/𝜏')/k = (t/𝜏)/k = N/k = Tc

where N', t' and 𝜏' are the number of cycles, elapsed relativistic time and the relativistic period of the moving clock, respectively, N, t and 𝜏 are the number of cycles, elapsed relativistic time and the relativistic period of the stationary clock respectively.

This equation tells us that clock time is Lorentz invariant and thus is still absolute and independent of the reference frame, which confirms that the property of the clock time (i.e. the absoluteness of the clock time) won't change with the change of the definition of time. Thus, the relativistic time is no longer the clock time but a meaningless mathematical variable.

Therefore, based on such a fake time, special relativity is wrong and so are all relativistic spacetime based theories including the Big Bang theory.

Relativity is mostly wrong but right when speaking of the large atoms and valence electrons,so let's put it back in the theory category, in the maybe column. Quantum Mechanics is the smaller elements and right more than relativity, it is incomplete when the giant atoms are entering the equations.But "Both are not chiseled in Granite. Both theories are helpful aids, this is the best way to look at these two theories.1.Light speed is sorry totally wrong because time is different everywhere. on Earth on top of a mountain time is off from in a valley at sea level if you had to 2 watchs set to the same time and one watch went to a mountain top like mt. Shasta and the other watch went to death valley on snype you will see both watches are showing different times. a few seconds off maybe one minute but on different worlds we are taking years off!Also our friends who are far more advanced to us from other world tell us that light is always there ! Light never moves! So there is no speed of light! and traveling 1000 times the speed of light is not just possible but done everyday.
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Jun 11, 2023
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Airroll Says): Light speed is sorry totally wrong because time is different everywhere on Earth on top of a mountain time is off from in a valley at sea level if you had to 2 watches set to the same time and one watch went to a mountain top like Mount Shasta and the other watch went to death valley on (snype??), you will see both watches are showing different times.

Can light speed time delay be totally wrong?? When DOE Explains): "The muons that hit the Earth result from particles in the Earth’s atmosphere colliding with cosmic rays—high-energy protons and atomic nuclei that move through space at just below the speed of light. Muons exist for only 2.2 microseconds before they decay into an electron and two kinds of neutrinos!!
However, because they move at nearly the speed of light, muons travel far and longer than 2.2 microseconds before decaying. Muons created in the atmosphere constantly hit every inch of the Earth’s surface and pass through almost any substance. They don’t stop until they penetrate far below the surface of the Earth—potentially more than a mile."??

Airroll, have you ever wondered why a cesium 133 clock will tick slower in a valley then up on a mountaintop?? or Why cesium clocks on fast moving satellites orbiting Earth tick 45 microseconds per day faster than cesium clocks on Earth??

To understand my answer you have to allow for the possibility that there is a GP1 Aether Gaseous Pressurized Particle Medium for electromagnetic waves as evidenced by the given "Vacuum Energy" of empty space that can be expressed joules!!

Now, the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) cannot be leftover from the absurd impossible Big Bang Singularity alleged to have miraculously released energy that created everything visible and invisible in our universe in a mere 14 billion years because the CMBR is the harmonized end-product of all the light generated by all the stars since the first neutron permeable sac evolved from tiny tiny gaseous particles that I named God Particle 1s (GP1s) about a quintillionth the mass of the neutrino in our finite in volume ageless universe and decayed into a proton permeable sac, an electron permeable sac and a little bit of energy!!

I know too much detail about my theory about neutron permeable sac evolution and embryonic neutron permeable sac minting in the center of stars!! So let's cut to the chase!!

A flow of Gaseous GP1 Aether Particles of tiny tiny mass to lowest GP1 Aether Particle Pressure at the center of Earth or a star could explain gravity as the momentum of the tiny particles is transferred to our neutrons and protons in atomic nuclei!!
I surmise that lower GP1 Aether Particle Pressure in Death Valley versus higher GP1 Aether Particle Pressure on the mountaintop or an orbiting satellite is what makes those cesium 133 clocks tick faster!!
Smile Often and See What Happens!! Have a great day!!