Baby exoplanet spotted growing around distant star (photo)


Oct 22, 2019
Interesting reports and observations now coming from SPHERE and ALMA. As the cited report stated in the abstract "Conclusions. The twist and its apparent orbital motion could well be the first direct evidence of a connection between a protoplanet candidate and its manifestation as a spiral imprinted in the gas and dust distributions.", ref - Possible evidence of ongoing planet formation in AB Aurigae

This is a tentative interpretation at the moment it seems. The exoplanet system PDS 70 b and c are better determined and defined as the latest reports show, including images of the exoplanets 70 b and 70 c, along with reports of accretion taking place in PDS 70, multiple giant planet system.
Mar 9, 2020
The news about findings of new planets and so on are good to satisfy taxpayers about results of investments made with their money, but in this individual case, the underlying pleasure, the 'secondary benefit' could be the hope of sometime being able to travel there, out of here.
You know people travel to find something they don't have at home, or in the hope of finding it, this means they lack something.
There can be several approaches for this desire, eg. the hebrew way: 'The dog dead, rabies is cured', this can be accomplished by several types of brain washing, depending if you are in the pharisee or sadducee side of the world. or by castration, or by setting a system where crime doesn't pay, as money can't buy anything, or burglars will be caught in the act.
Perhaps some Space travel accidents are not 'accidents', but sabotages, in the aim of cutting hope of those bond to any of the space travel projects, in the end, they seem just wanting that flesh robots, not dangerous at all for them, or call them 'it' if you wish, go to space.
This could be an old event in space, some may be looking for offenders to recover 'their soul'
Beware of dog!
Blessigns +
Dec 28, 2019
Be nice if the video actually pointed to where the reverse spiral twist is instead of just zooming in and back out to the sound of dramatic music. I think I see it but it would be good to have that verified.