New baby exoplanet discovered thanks to the 'wake' it leaves around its parent star

"A newly released image and video of the extrasolar planet, or exoplanet, shows how its orbital motion carves a cavity in a disk of gas and dust that surrounds its young parent star HD 169142. Astronomers were able to confirm the existence of the planet thanks in part to the spiral wake it creates as it rearranges the material in this disk as it orbits, similar to the wake a boat leaves as it travels through water."

This site reports the properties for the exoplanet and system., there is a PDF report here that references HD 169142 and disc.

I did find a disc mass estimate for HD169142, …"that they interpreted as a possible circumplanetary disk with an estimated mass of~ 0.6MJ". 0.6 Mjup = 1.9069E+02 earth masses. The MMSN for our Sun is about 3300 earth masses. HD 169142 is considered about 1.65 Msun, so a postulated disc could be 5494 earth masses or more for total dust and gas. The 2.2 Mjup exoplanet is some 699 earth masses compared to the small disc mass reported.


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