Best Sci-Fi Film

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Close is Honey I Shrunk the Kids. A shore-line better. With automatons, I imagine myself in the Fifth Element prez's Cabinet, learning space budgets but not the stunt moves of other characters. Alot of times new discoveries render much of a film obsolete. The Terminator materials science is shape change metal from 1991 Japan. A firecracker might break it; maybe a finger nail would break its aerogels. Before Drexler, in the time of NASA Freitas, you could believe the liquid metal or the robot is made of many elements and hard to harm. It is the problem of DofF Past X-Men.
Meteor showers ruin concentrating forces in an orbital D-Day. QED 1955 era ruins AE Van Voit's neutrinoless system of galactic quadrant gvmt without magnetic technology. Mars might require artificial lung transplant technology. Moon dust gets everywhere. We don't have a Hollywood able to have hard physics in their storylines. But Voyager still beats Outer Limits as Empires and their tech aftermaths collide with Earth not being a bit player: budget. Jurassic Park is missing real ecosystems. An island can give eco systems from many past eras; the T-Rex needs the biggest Hawaii island. Still my space ecology cultural starting point.
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