Interim Practical Pseudo-Wormholes and Rabbit Holing Solar Systemic Space

Interesting, but not going to happen:

The article, ignoring energies involved, caused me to remember my thoughts and postings on space stations and colonies and inter system traffic lanes throughout Solar Systemic Space, largely effectively holing and shrinking the space itself and intervening times themselves of Solar System, as interim step prelude to galactic possibilities, including warps and wormholes.

Imagine the curved flatland sheet illustrated in the article laid out flat and the wormhole curved and arcing from one spot of the sheet (one spot of a disk) to another point of the flat but otherwise no different, or not very different from, from the wormhole illustrated. That the fastest -- powered -- way from Earth to Jupiter or Saturn, or the outer planets and comet belts would not be through the interplanetary surface space of the Solar Systemic disk, but a power arc out of the surface region of the disk into a discovered hyperspatial region of interstellar space and back into --on to -- the equatorial surface region at the destination point. The big difference being interstellar space possibly being far more hyper-spatially amenable to accelerative powered travel than interplanetary space (just as arcing through edge of space beats Earth's surface for travel speed point to point on Earth). And the areas just above and below the galactic plane the same for star travel. Levels above and below equatorial planes not being necessarily wormholes but highly warp able for traveling as I pointed out in flattening the sheet and arcing the wormhole; everything else staying the same.

Warp bubble space or wormhole, close to being the same thing if not the same thing, as far as I can imagine it would be a matter of being open and amenable to always on (constant) accelerative powered travel and closed to non-self-powering drifters.
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