Black holes are mysterious, yet also deceptively simple − a new space mission may help physicists answer hairy questions about these astronomical o...

Jan 13, 2024
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I thought that I read here that JWST observations are dating some of the oldest black holes prior to the oldest galaxies. Might that not give you more "hair" than you desired?
Mar 5, 2021
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I think this idea about 'hairy' black holes is ridiculous. It seems they are trying to make a joke about it. Hairy BH's with extra attributes would just be BH's with known extra attributes. What I see it has actually nothing to do with 'hairs'. As scientists discover more about atoms and quarks, will we call them 'hairy' too? It's amazing how quickly a stupid concept description can catch on.
You could consider going into a Black Hole the same as going to another universe since we cannot communicate with what's inside. What's inside can never get out. Might as well be another universe.
Also, it might well be that you could go into a Black Hole, enter a worm hole and pop out inside another Black Hole halfway across the universe. There are three practical problems:
- You'd first be reduced to elementary particles with no way to reconstitute yourself.
- You must go to the far end first in order to establish the other end of the worm hole
- Once there you could not get out to look around.
Space is the hole and we are in it. Space is our confinement. Our lines might be curved and not know it.

Then again, space might be unconfined. And all lines are square straight.

What ever it is, it has us puzzled.

We need to look at light more closely. Not the flux, the photon. Maybe these new detectors will allow it.

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