Boeing Starliner's 1st astronaut mission delayed to May at the earliest

Boeing's "Starliner" is apparently becoming a "Sideliner" as it continues to have problems, while SpaceX delivers "Dragon" missions on schedule.

From elsewhere on the Internet:
". . . fueling of the spacecraft, which officials said they wanted to do within 60 days of the scheduled launch to mitigate any leaks that could corrode valves, a problem that delayed the vehicle’s second uncrewed test flight by more than 10 months. That fueling was scheduled to take place in early March."

So, if fuel sitting in the Starliner has leakage issues, and leakage issues create valve corrosion issues, what is that saying about the reusability of the Boeing product? I think, but am not sure, that these leaks are in the service module, which is not resused. But, is the potential damage limited to the expendable part of the package?

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