Brian Marsden 1937-2010

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This was posted by Joe Rao, SDC contributer on the metorobs maillist...

For those of us who follow asteroids, Brian was "The Boss" forever...and those of you who watch the Science and NatGeo channels have seen his face many times on their far too rare worthwhile shows.

"This might be off-topic on some of the lists to which I am a
member of . . . but it is a very sad piece of news that everyone
in the astronomical community should be made aware of.

Brian was a good friend . . . a brilliant man . . . and one of the nicest
people in the astronomical community.

As those of the Jewish faith would say, a real mensch. -- joe rao"

Electronic Telegram No. 2554
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
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20 Oxford St.; Cambridge, MA 02138; U.S.A.
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BRIAN G. MARSDEN (1937-2010)
It is with deep regret that we must announce the death today
of Brian G. Marsden after a lengthy illness. He will be remembered
as contributing much to celestial mechanics and the dynamics and
orbits of minor bodies of the solar system and as having an encyclopedic
knowledge of the history of astronomy. He was a dedicated servant to the
astronomical community for many decades, serving as Director of the Central
Bureau from 1968 to 2000 (and as Director Emeritus since then) and as Director
of the Minor Planet Center from 1978 to 2006 (and as Director Emeritus since
then). He also served extensively within Commissions 6 and 20 of the IAU over
the years, being past President of both Commissions. And he was one of
the most visible astronomers in the world over the years in terms of his generous
availability to the news media on behalf of the astronomical community.

NOTE: These 'Central Bureau Electronic Telegrams' are sometimes
superseded by text appearing later in the printed IAU Circulars.

(C) Copyright 2010 CBAT
2010 November 18 (CBET 2554) Daniel W. E. Green


Professor Emeritus Marsden will be a huge loss, but forever remembered:

Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma) Units
e 0.2106216 n/a
a 3.9454362 n/a AU
q 3.1144421 n/a AU
i 17.55505 n/a deg
node 352.88806 n/a deg
peri 307.10546 n/a deg
M 276.79253 n/a deg
tp 2456062.1080196
(2012-May-14.60801961) n/a JED
period 2862.4700047
7.84 n/a
n/a d
n 0.12576551 n/a deg/d
Q 4.7764303 n/a AU

And also his own discovery:

Element Value Uncertainty (1-sigma) Units
e 0.2346426 n/a
a 2.2963495 n/a AU
q 1.7575281 n/a AU
i 5.40696 n/a deg
node 230.64160 n/a deg
peri 97.50542 n/a deg
M 15.96835 n/a deg
tp 2455344.1215749
(2010-May-27.62157491) n/a JED
period 1271.0288187
3.48 n/a
n/a d
n 0.28323512 n/a deg/d
Q 2.8351709 n/a AU

(37556 Svyaztie (1982 QP3))
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