Buran goes up the Rhine....

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Thank you, very nice info collection :cool:

I checked just the first two so far, but a lot of details, i don't remember from before. Briefing is very :cool:

What they did to it is bad though, and sad, that second video and pictures from Bahrain ..

but is now on exhibit, as stated in Wiki article :

It is now an exhibition at the Technikmuseum Speyer in Germany.

and in the last image from 2008 looks better than when it came to Australia.

Plenty of nice Buran info here too :

http://www.buran-energia.com/bourane-bu ... e-desc.php

Voyage to museum :
http://www.buran-energia.com/bourane-bu ... speyer.php

I found this as related videos to the second one, there are more :



I've actually seen Buran OK-GLI up close last year when I was stationed in Germany. I've also seen Enterprise over at the Smithsonian. From what they show in the museum in Germany, it is hard to tell how amazing of a vehicle it really was. You can climb up inside the rear avionics area, but all you see are heat protecting sleeves full of wires, and lots of hydraulic lines. I have attached some photos below. I also purchased the movie that was made chronicling the transport from Bahrain to Speyer. There is very little technical information in the movie, but they have bits of Astronaut Charles Duke and Test Pilot Igor Volk interviews and speeches from the opening of the museum.








tvroscosmos | November 08, 2010
Google translated video description :
Reusable Transport System "Energy-Buran" - an ambitious project of the Soviet space, the response of the American threat to Soviet "Star Wars". It was one of the most ambitious programs of the Soviet Union. On a reusable space system, "Energy-Buran" worked without exaggeration, the whole country. Simultaneously formed and a detachment of highly qualified pilots, who could be trusted to test new technology. But the fate of the program was a sad one. The first launch into space was for a system of "Energy-Buran" last
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