Carbon in Earth's core.

Aug 23, 2021
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Carbon is so readily available for combining with other elements and it appears to be a fine source for lubricating the wheels of matter in the universe and being that its dull in color creates a sense of illusive reflection. It seems only logical that it is the element most likely to be the glue that holds the whole thing together, it may not be the most plentiful, but when you want to create an object in a vacuum. You start with a simple and yet elegant design to grease the skids.
Aug 28, 2021
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This new study narrows down the range of estimated carbon content on Earth to be between 990 parts per million and more than 6,400 parts per million. The researchers suggest that between 93% and 95% of this carbon is found in the core (both inner core and outer core), making it a significant carbon reservoir.

Kroger Eschedule
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