Dark force' theory could solve 2 open cosmic mysteries

A 'dark force' would at least address the highly coherent patterns observed around galaxies.

DM's almost like a big quasi-rigid structure that demonstrates/shows zero responses to any galactic gravity including its own.
To my mind these configurations border on artificial in character.

Then the question is what does the form of a galaxy hang on as it moves around?
The central black hole or some supposedly 'natural' contrivance of DM?

Since DM doesn't respond to gravity what other forces could whip it up into the forms it is inferred to occupy?
Other new 'dark' physics forces?
Galactic constructing super aliens?
Can't be any forces that affect baryonic matter because we could see those in the baryonic matter behavior.

In the Milky Way we see no local inequitable distributions of DM.
It is so perfectly uniformly distributed that it is exactly equivalent to it not being there in the first place.
That's one reason I think it is happening underneath/bypassing space-time. Not actually gravity at all. A direct relationship of spatial ambiguity with a galaxy's central black hole, which is what everything in a galaxy, including DM is centered on.

DM is like herding cats concentrically with the actual visible galaxy.
With a multiverse universe extreme density in-depth of verses regarding the folds receding away of the multi-dimensional multiverse is at once extreme shallowness apparent on the ocean's superficial 2-dimensional asymptotic surface of the universe. A traveler wouldn't swim the observed, observable, 2-d surface. the traveler would swim the unobserved, unobservable, volume-energy depths of multi-dimensional multiverse 'surfs' (currents) in/under/over the observable surface.

An old picture told of nature is that the beauty is observably surface deep and the ugly unobservable in-depth in/under the surface . . . or vice versa since beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

SPACE! is unobservable (just as I've claimed many, many times)! Observable coordinate relative SPACETIMEs (plural) from the instant of photo-frame emissions are cartoon-page past histories (past histories from the instant of emissions) . . . no more, no less. No matter how fast light travels (the 1-d points thick, the 2-d photo-frames thick, travel) spontaneous REALTIME has already passed up the recorded time, the history.
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