Question Does anyone have any space business ideas

May 8, 2020
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Testing new designs of computer's in space how they are made. printed, encased, connected, how plug ins work, what is a plug in . changing shapes of things, what elements can be used. how t printed the entire system form a machine. and push it into a console in space ergonomic shapes. Print and write circuits as you print with installation process so the whole thing is a solid piece of tech (thermal dynamics dissipation of thermal in formation ) one solid piece.


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
If you have any space ideas write them here anything.
concepts designs every and anything
can and will be discussed."

Would not such prior disclosure invalidate any subsequent patent applications?

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Oct 23, 2019
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I have a couple of ideas, probably totally impractical as stand alone businesses, probably best as minor incidental side lines to some other more substantial businesses.

1. This one is dependent on some kind of regular earth-moon transport. There are lots of rock collectors on earth. Many would jump at the chance to get an authentic piece of moon rock to add to their collection. The big question is can it be done at a price that won't break the bank. Cost may make this impractical

2. This one is really kind of a silly novelty item. A cubic cc of space in a bottle. Again probably totally impractical.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
I think (1) is a non starter as long as we are getting Moon rock delivered to us from meteorites but that might be running out. At more than $10 per gram it is fine when it arrives here FOC but it might not turn a profit if you have to go get it!
(2) is a nice idea, but rather open to the con artists who could sell you a tiny bottle of polluted air for $100 per ml.

If you get some better ideas, patent them first.
Taking patents is not that difficult or expensive (I had lots). It is enforcing them that is the problem. A non-scientist friend of mine had the idea of pinning pairs of sock together in the wash. Great, but to enforce your patent you would have to get search warrants and visit people's homes on wash day!
Garbage collecter

Double glazing for moon and Mars colonies

Vacuum cleaner sales - the moon is very dusty

Garden centre selling plastic plants, bushes and even plastic trees (and some artificial grass to walk the dog on)

Some wind turbines to remind you of the countryside on earth.

Mac Donald's franchise, with a good supply of coca-cola, so people can decorate the surface of the moon with the empty cans.

Face mask supplier

Insurance salesman for radiation sickness cover

Dilithium crystals supplier for passing starships

Trampoline sales for personal moon orbit trips

Extra-heavy footballs (so they don't go into orbit when kicked hard).

A video to remind you of how wonderful life was during the lockdown (compared to your tin can apartment on the moon)

:) :):)

Elon Musk always wanted to be a Space Pirate.

Heave to and be boarded ye scurvy communications satellite. Black bag the satellite and have the operators watch as its temperature drops toward irreversible failure.

Put the hostage ransom into this Master-of-the-Universe Card or thine satellite walks the plank into a cold long night!

Are there any countries that would harbor a space pirate?

Would I want to live in Texas?