Dusting off old tapes.

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G' Day Folks.
This is good to see/read regarding the Apollo 40th Anniversary.

Regarding the old magnet tape drives no longer used, here is another case, it's to do with the problem of electrostatic Moon Dust I think it will be a problem on Mars, if not more.

All I can say is I'm glad there are hoarders out there otherwise a lot would have been lost as in the machines and tapes as well.


Speaking of hoarding because it's the 40th Anniversary a radio station had folk ring in regarding their involvement/memories one lady said she went to work that day (I gather at the dish) and was told she would be working with a Nasa official she was to write the caption under the photos he had taken, she said he just took the pictures straight off the monitor 50 in all, he was to analyze each picture as to what they were doing on the moon and come up with a caption.

She said, I then "Roneoed" them to America that's all we had in those days.

I haven't heard that word since I don't know when. talk about flashback.

She still has the left over pic's/memorabilia from the Apollo program.

We've come a long way since then.

Cheers Aussiebloke
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