Question Dyne and Newton radius.

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Mar 14, 2021
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Dyne’s and Newton’s are forces, forces have radius, like audio radius of our world.

I want to learn this For blackholes, if You can tell me the radius, and what a medium blackhole’s radius is, You are a legend.
If you are above legend level, You told me the radius, a above medium blackhole, medium blackhole, under medium blackhole.
Of Course, You are all legends :)

Reply by using Kilometers, centimeter, meters.
If You want my calculator to get in, reply with Miles.
FYI, there are sources on the Internet for this. I used Thorne, K.S., Black Holes & Time Warps 1994 and plugged into my MS Excel astronomy calculator I setup. It is the Schwarzschild radius of black hole. For example, a 10 solar mass black hole, Schwarzschild radius ~ 2.9533E+06 cm. A super-massive black hole of 1 billion solar masses, ~ 2.9533E+14 cm, diameter 3.9482E+01 au.