Earthquakes seem more intense after cosmic ray strikes. Scientists say this is why.

Jan 28, 2023
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All rise, Judge coming! I see only a few contradictions in the material, to statements made a few sentences before. The hypothesis is nonsense, due to a whole series of incorrect interpretations of observed phenomena and their causes, as well as broken cause-and-effect relationships. However, I lack the expertise to demonstrate and disprove them. Actually, I'm just lazy.
Apr 20, 2023
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Jun 11, 2023
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Intense magnetic interference from solar storms messes with our planetary magnetic field and 'disturbs' our magnetic core. Who woulda thought ?
From ): Earthquakes seem more intense after cosmic ray strikes. Scientists say this is why.

Hidden mechanisms that give rise to powerful earthquakes may also allow more cosmic radiation to reach the planet's surface.

Earth seems to shake more after intense cosmic radiation hits its surface, a new study suggests.

The surprising study by a team of Polish researchers analyzed 50 years worth of data and found that the intensity of global seismic activity correlated with the average variation in the intensity of secondary particles created by cosmic radiation with a time lag of around two weeks. Secondary cosmic radiation is produced by the interactions of cosmic rays and Earth's atmosphere, which suggests that the link between the two phenomena may have nothing to do with the intensity of the arriving cosmic rays but rather with their ability to breach Earth's defenses.

The team said that they ruled out the possibility that the observed correlation was down to chance alone.
Scientists think that the strange correlation between cosmic radiation and seismic activity could be explained by the behavior of eddy currents in the liquid core of our planet which drive the generation of Earth's magnetic field. This field, also known as the magnetosphere, is responsible for deflecting charged particles which make up cosmic radiation.
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I agree. It doesn’t make sense that a spike in cosmic radiation causes earthquakes as it causes actions hundreds of miles below the Earth’s surface. But, it does make sense that changes in the flow of materials deep within the Earth causes changes in the protective magnetic field allowing the radiation spike, and the same change triggers stresses in the Earth resulting in the earthquakes.