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Hi all, first time poster, a casual and less educated astroscience lover who has browsed these forums for many years and enjoyed & learned very much so thank you sincerely to the community.

As for my question, I am intrigued by E=mc2 on the premise mass is what we are on, its all around us and must have required amounts of energy to create that I cannot begin to imagine. So my question is, if it takes so much energy (in particle accelerators) to create short lived mass/particles of minimal amounts then how is it that we are here now, typing this ditto on mass and living on mass and seeing mass all around us and in the observable and non-observable universe including theorised dark matter?

It is just mystifying me and suggests that the beginning of the universe we observe came from a point of energy that is truly god like and one which science from my experience is finding difficult to explain.

Thank you for any help on this!


Hi man on mars,

In a nutshell

particle accelerators use alot of energy because they acc. particles to nearly the speed of light. They use magnets
to do this, the one at cerns lhc is 17 miles long, thats a big magnet!

They dont create matter or particles, they smash them together and try to observe what they break up into(sub atomic particles).

you can think of mass as one of a ways we measure matter, and in the begining there was an imbalance of matter and antimatter(wich destroy eachother), that lead to existance of all the matter in the universe.

Hopefully that helps
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