Update: DE vs DM Amalgamation

Jan 12, 2024
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s there anyone out there that has attempted to merge dark matter and dark energy with or without success.

Since nobody has responded to my question, I will present a way to merge DE and DM and follow with some of the consequences. Although this method is just a theory until proven right, I ask that it not be denigrated by anyone unless that person has a better proposal. That is how science moves forward.

Since the forces seem to have opposing actions Dark Energy(repelling) and Dark Matter (contracting), a common source was used to bring them together.
Space is quantized and should be treated as a superfluid.
There is a halo around our galaxy that creates and emits particles of space.
Matter acquires mass with the help of space.
The rate of flow outward is based on the amount particles a source produces.

How do two opposing forces arise from particles of space that are expanding?
As a placeholder, particles of space heading outward, will be called Dark Energy.
It is easy to calculate that particles of space heading outward will increase the volume or expand our universe. The Universe expands through the contribution of space from each galaxy. It appears that the fabric of space is expanding.

Particles of space heading inward away from the halo will be called DE.
Particles of space heading inward will also be expanding. The illusion of contraction occurs when matter siphons off space to create mass.
Remember, both sides of the halo are expanding and do not need matter to propel each particle.
The force needed by matter that make up the galactic linear curve is acquired by the push of the source(halo).

This scenario can be applied to a cluster of galaxies. The halos will have to be located to predict rotation velocities accurately.