Why is DM seen as matter

Jan 12, 2024
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Solutions to problems should be straightforward and simple. Most of all, they should be simpler than the problem being solved.

How much simpler can this be? Does this suggestion include magic? If so, please tell me where the magic is?

By noting that gravity like any fluid has a source and sink, the following assumption is made.
In two sentences, you are given the origin and destination of DM and DE.

What is the probability of finding a halo around the MW whose job is to create quantized particles of space. The particles created are allowed to leave the halo becoming members of intragalactic and extragalactic space.
Intragalactic particles will move to replace particles consumed by matter, along the way they will help to create and maintain the galactic rotation curve.
Extragalactic particles will join as new members and contribute their share as augmenters of volume in an ever expanding Universe.
If you want credit for this simple idea, you may have it.
Gravity is not a fluid. In fact, gravity does not exist, it is simply a mathematical construct to allow easy visualization and calculation of how mass warps spacetime.
There are anomalous motions of the outer parts of many (not all) galaxies. They are acting as if some unseen mass is present. It is more likely there is unseen mass than it is that Einstein's formulas are wrong. I'm going with unseen mass on this one.

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