Model of a simple Halo's Properties

Jan 12, 2024
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Although this method is just a theory until proven right or wrong, I ask that it not be denigrated by anyone, unless that person has a better proposal. That is how science moves forward.

With out much evidence to ascertain an answer to the question, a mind experiment might solve the problem. Imagine our milky way galaxy and remove any thoughts of dark energy or dark matter. Imagine also that the Milky Way universe has a halo around it that produces particles of space and radiation. The particles of space produced are allowed to move in any direction.
Space particles moving inward will become part of the intragalactic space and the remaining space will become part of extragalactic space. The velocity of space coming out of the halo is determined not by gravity but by the amount of space created in the halo. The high speed particles of space headed inward will be called dark matter for no better system. They will maintain the constant velocity seen in a galactic rotation curves. As the particles move in, speed will increase to maintain conservation of volume.
The funnel is getting smaller. Outside of the galaxy space will appear to be expanding. Inside of the galaxy space will appear to be contracting. It’s the same space, its use determines how it will appear to an observer. Every piece mentioned has a logical origin. Never does something appear from nothing. This will allow MOND to work by decreasing inertia in the masses.
The speed discrepancy will occur, if you believe that the movement of space being controlled by the central gravity of the galaxy. It is instead mostly controlled by the pressure exerted by the halo's production of space.
With this information, you will be able to answer what is dark matter or dark energy. Where do they come from and why do they appear to be different.


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