Faint 'super-planet' discovered by radio telescope for the 1st time

This is an interesting brown dwarf report. I read the arXiv paper at, https://ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2020ApJ...903L..33V/abstract

[BDR J1750+3809, or "Elegast."] may have a smaller companion to, Jupiter-Io analog perhaps. The companion may be 0.25 Jupiter radii or a bit more than 2.8 earth radii. "3.4. Outlook The total power in the auroral current on BDRJ1750+3809 can be further constrained by optical recombination-line observations. Taking the radio power to be 1% of the kinetic power in the auroral electrons Zarka (2007); Lamy et al. (2011) yields a total kinetic power of 10^26 ergs s^-1 which should be detectable in Balmer line emission for instance. In addition, a parallax measurement is necessary to secure a distance estimate. This is especially true since any close companion will contaminate the NIR flux of the object and produce erroneous photometric distance estimates.
The two scenarios presented above can be tested with radio data. If the companion driven emission is the true scenario, then continued radio monitoring should reveal signatures of periodicity at the orbital period of the companion."

The BD is considered to be 65 pc or 212 LY distance. The arXiv paper has 13 references to "companion". Should be interesting to see future reports on this BD and if a companion near 2.8 earth radii is orbiting the BD.
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