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We here, everywhere here is), place at "point of origin!" One light second per one second. fourteen-billion light years per fourteen-billion years! Time plus time equaling zero (spontaneous universally concurrent REALTIME 'front' (t=0 (0-point time)). Andromeda is at approximately 2,000,000 light years in the observed (t=+1) past histories past light cone distant <--|--> plus 2,000,000 years (superposition) in the always yet to be observed (t=-1) future histories future light cone.

We in the Milky Way "point of origin" place at a distantly minus 2,000,000 years to a distant Andromeda at plus 2,000,000 years, just as we at Earth "point of origin" place at approximately minus 14-billion years to a distant horizon at plus 14-billion years.
Drawn from Wikipedia article on Aether: Albert Einstein noted that his own modeling of gravity which replaced earlier "Aether theories" could itself be thought of as an Aether, as it implied that the empty space between objects had its own physical properties. Gravity loaded space, there in fact probably being no difference whatsoever between the SPACE of the universe and the field, and fields, of gravity of the universe.

To wit: Gravity equals Aether, equals SPACE, equals gravity, equals the 'zoom' in self-similar fractal zooms universe structure, short the reductionist strong (nuclear) binding -- Casimir-like -- force set and reset to fundamental base.

For the heck of it, repeating the pointer from #427:

Possibilities, among other possibilities! It's hard to see Aether / gravity / space strong enough to bend Aether / gravity / space around. Deal in a Mandelbrot-like Set zoom from subspace to hyperspace (however redundant), microcosm to macrocosm, quantum to classical, infinitesimal to infinite, and vice-versa, yes! Pictorially, something on the order, the like, of this:

Bend, curve, to microcosm and/or macrocosm, no way! In quantum strength physics, now there is no problem in bending, curving, anything up to a universe.
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A classical physical law is that the contents of a container can be no larger than the container. Not so concerning quantum physics. The contents of the container will always be larger than the container all the way down through levels, layers, down and into the Planck Horizon . . . in my realization so often stated and described (the Planck Horizon down and in being also known in my realization to be the Big Bang Horizon up and out)!

1.) In the macrocosmic finite local relative classical realm, the contents of a container can be no larger than the container.
2.) In the microcosmic (infinite / infinitesimal) nonlocal nonrelative quantum realm, the contents of the container will always be larger than the container.
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Four hated and usually denied existing physics:

1.) Infinity (the equal but opposite of 'finite').
2.) Eternity (the ever-curving spring / the all-time 'ancient' ever offset paralleling in rank and file ever-turning wheel(s) of time).
3.) The 'Life Force', the apex seventh fundamental force ('Life', 'Frontier' (the end always in endless beginning / borning / creation / origination (including countless flexibly variable departure "points of origin")), a positive energy-entropy opposed to negative energy-entropy (a cold dead universe tomorrow!)).
4.) Time reversal (all of the above).

"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds ...!" -- Albert Einstein.
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But I prefer for a universe loaded to the hilt with offset past histories / future histories light cones, unobserved and unobservable 'cross-lighting' rather than "tired Light."
The universe accelerates in expansion faster than the speed of light! What we observe is a Big Bang 13 billion years IN THE FUTURE FROM NOW! We here, right here, right now, are quantum entangled , "Klein bottle-like" (bent, curving round in on themselves light cones-like) with, in, and at "a universe beginning point of 'Origin' (right here, right now . . . "spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t='0')'front' ('Frontier'))!"

Turn that illustration of universe expansion around 180 degrees in time reversal and put us at the point of universe compaction (our little COMPACTED POINT of the universe), the expanded future coming into us here where we are in a compacted past (among countless many such compacted pasts) in an observation of a light that gets from expanded there to compacted here, from future there-then to past here-now, far faster than the speed of light!

I need this observation elsewhere as well here to do some beefing up!
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I can roll with a universe that at least . . . at very least . . . in part is intuitively counterintuitive. 'Origin' beginning to origin beginning, endless beginning! Travel 13 billion x 6-trillion miles (9.6-trillion kilometers) and where are you (?) when the Horizon is always unchanging where, when, what, and how, it is just as it was -- and where it will be 13-billion years in the future -- from where, when, what, and how, you start . . . and so are you the traveler always [mid-horizon] in the center of the universe in this case.

"As counterintuitive as it may seem, the universe has no center, and it has no boundary." -- Jim Bell. (From Merriam-Webster : COUNTERINTUITIVE.)
(Looking one way, that is . . . look another and see all those countless centers of universe; at once in the same 'Looking Glass' picture, all those countless boundaries of universe.)
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I've been down this road before but it is time to return down it:

The line to the farthest horizon of the universe looks to be straight line all the way with just a seeming inexplicable glitch of leveling off, of flattening out, observed temporarily about halfway, as if the universe hesitated then continued on. I make it to be a probable 180 degree curving bend in the road that will never will be observed as such . . . nothing "inexplicable" about it. Whether the road bends to the past or to the future of the universe, or to both at once ("the future is the past" / "the past is the future") in exactly the same picture will always be a matter of philosophical speculation anyone can enter upon since there is no closing up to that collapsed cosmological constant (/\) of P/BB Horizon Mirror (t=*1*).

Universally "spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier' (t=0)") is at once, at exactly the same time, always repeating the universal point of time's 'ORIGIN' (The universal point of time's 'BEGINNING')!

No traveler (space and time traveler) begins travel from any other point in space and time than from beginning to time (the past is the future / the future is the past)! We, the space and time travelers, are always in, of a piece with, and at once outside, the collapsed cosmological constant (/\) P/BB Horizon Mirror (t=*1*) on / at the "spontaneous concurrent REALTIME 'front' ('Frontier' (t=0))"!

To travel BACKWARD in time is -- at one and the same time -- to time travel forward in time. To travel FORWARD in time is -- at one and the same time -- to time travel backward in time. The universe will place ("Set and reset!") things nowhere else but 'mid horizon t=0-point' of the collapsed cosmological constant (/\) P/BB Horizon Mirror (t=*1*).

As Stephen Hawking surmised, there is an eternally permanent 'Life Zone' as trojan point of equilibrium between horizon extremes. Thus, existing with it, a fundamental 'Life Force', and 'Life', to the infinities of horizon universes (part and parcel the Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe).
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Stand outside on a clear night and look to the reaches of the sky. Realize you always stand at the point of origin, any point of departing . . . a point of beginning to the universe always opening before you the traveler in accelerating expansion. You are a point of universe origin, a time traveler.

What is the difference between you as a time traveler and the conventional view?! There is never time before your time because you always stand at the beginning of time as you are, the beginning point of origin (the starting line (t=0)). Quantum entangled in time, you are also as far backward in time, thus as far forward in time as well, as time goes ((t=+1) (t=-1) (t=*1*)).

"Brevity may be the soul of wit but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- Gen. George S. Patton, Jr.
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Continuing following many posts before on observation and realization, and a defining quantum entanglement of time:

You may not realize it, as I've been before unable to realize the observation due to inability to explain properly even to myself my realizations from my observations, but you, we, are at all times observing a backwardness . . . as well as a forwardness . . . to time in observations of time. It is so obvious, so natural, that it's been missed even by supposed physicist-mathematician scholars and logicians, But not by the paralleling deeper thinking historians (those mind's eye space and time travelers) dealing in the certainty of the 'Lessons of History', in histories, always in the process of repeating in the large panorama of it -- though never finitely locally and relatively in the details. Spatially, the moving, shifting, variable sand(s) of the floor that always moves, shifts, the single universally invariant fixed ceiling ('c') with its shifting.

The traveler will always experience the gravitational fabric fractal zooming of the universe structure but at the same time always land (spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0) 'front' ('Frontier')) mid-collapsed cosmological constant (/\)-P/BB Horizon the Universe . . . "set, and reset" ((t=+1) (t=-1) (t=*1*)). Maybe not always in one piece, depending....
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Not just historians but astronomers who really think about their observations should realize through their observations the forward-backwardness / the backward-forwardness of observed SPACETIME at and out from every 0-point of origin [existing] in and of the universe(s). The Universe has itself, its physics, its cosmology, its histories, its infinities, all of it (all of them), in hand, in control, always . . . including SPACE, REALTIME, and light's coordinate point SPACETIME!

"God does not play dice with the universe!" -- Albert Einstein.
"Yes, God does play dice with the universe, but they're loaded!" -- Stephen Hawking.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, from 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
When considering the 'sphere analogy', I have been guided by the following, from Google:

"Mathematicians consider a sphere to be a two-dimensional closed surface embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space. They draw a distinction between a sphere and a ball, which is a three-dimensional manifold with boundary that includes the volume contained by the sphere."

However, I am aware that the part of the analogy involving the radius might confuse. But it does not really affect the utility of the analogy, which treats the sphere in a less mathematical way, as if it does have a radius.

Cat :)

Googling "does a sphere have a radius?" produces the following:

"The points on the surface of the sphere are equidistant from the center. Hence, the distance between the center and the surface of the sphere are equal at any point. This distance is called the radius of the sphere.The points on the surface of the sphere are equidistant from the center. Hence, the distance between the center and the surface of the sphere are equal at any point. This distance is called the radius of the sphere."

So it seems all is OK :) :) :)
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Flatland happens to be the 2-dimensionally flat diametrical REALTIME (t=0) advancing 'front' ('Frontier') mid-Mirror P/BB Horizon time-constant (t=*1*) interior of the of the 3-dimensional space (fractal zooms gravitational / fabric ether-like / quantum and classical entangling / ....) spheres. Flatland's only active relationship to space is spontaneous time NOW (universal departures point of origin and arrival, eternal starting and ending line (the constant end in endless beginnings), t=0, c=(t=0))!

"As counterintuitive as it may seem, the universe has no center, and it has no boundary." -- Jim Bell. (Quote From Merriam-Webster : COUNTERINTUITIVE.)

(Looking one way, that is . . . look another and see all those countless centers of universe (countless centers of countless universes); at once in the same 'Looking Glass' picture, then all those countless boundaries of universe (countless boundaries of countless universes).)
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I won't be contradicting myself when I say all over again that the fundamental base center of all the countless infinities of centers of the countless infinities of horizon universes is Stephen Hawking's "Grand Central Station" of the universe(s) with that damn clock of Hawking's (Einstein's, as well) mounted hanging centrally over it: Midnight / Morning (light's coordinate point SPACETIME ((past histories past light (t=+1) (future histories future light cone (t=-1) (P/BB Mirror Horizon midnight/morn (t=*1*) and NOT(!) spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0) 'front' ('Frontier')).
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Universe : Verse : Turn : To turn : Return : A turning (unit) : Tune : Tuning : Attune:

It's hard to imagine a time ("universally spontaneous concurrent REALTIME (t=0) 'front' ('Frontier')") that is so instantaneously spontaneous as to be really no time at all (in no time at all) . . . "foretold, here, and gone in no time at all" . . . but bases light's coordinate point SPACETIME (past (t=+1) -->|<-- future (t=-1)) and shares time, so to speak, with the collapsed cosmological constant P/BB Mirror Horizon (t=*1*).
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In every post of mine I could reach and edit that has it, I went back and edited "coordinate point SPACETIME" to read "light's coordinate point SPACETIME." I woke up this morning wondering how I could have been so negligent as to have left out of "coordinate point SPACETIME" so important an intrinsic definition and description of an interactive crossroad's (every single multi-faceted crossroad interface of light without exception that in its (in their) entirety fills universes' to an infinite density) "'0'-point" (fundamental electroweak force's monopole point-portal vacuum-singularity) of universe!

Please don't forget that an infinite "everything" equals an absolute Abyss of "nothing", leaving locally, relatively speaking, a finite "something" (that will ever be, locally, only a finite discreet quantum "potential" of infinity).

"Communication across the revolutionary divide is inevitably partial." -- Thomas S. Kuhn.
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Things just grow more interesting almost by the moment:

The last one speaks to unusual physics behind light scattering, perfect reflection and transmission, anapole effects, and so on as stated. I do the opposite, delving into the centering, the boxing, of the countless many crossing strings, threads, into multi-faceted filament crossroad interfaces of light that in their coming together into the same SPACETIME coordinate points makes up the infinite density and absolute Abyss of the fundamental electroweak force's monopole point-portal vacuum-singularities.

I can't have it, my model, my picture, unless I can have it all in multi-dimensional multiverse! I can see an opposed work and view confirming my work and view. I need the falsification . . . or rather the partiality. For my realization of multi-dimensionality and multi-dimensional thinking, I need to see and realize more sides, more faces, more dimensions, to the coin than one . . . than two!
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My modeling is essentially complete. I do get repetitive with it but that only confirms it more for me . . . and I hope some others. What I now continue to try to make clearer and simpler in dimensions is explanation of the complexity of my picture modeling. Such as:

Infinities of horizon universes have no density whatsoever. It, they, are in the infinite spread, the spreading to infinity, of a 2-dimensional expanse of the flat plane, the Flatland, observed and often illustrated. The grand total of matter and energy, in Flatland's flat plane, equals zero. In other words and math, all real matter and energy is realized finite, local, and relatively.

What does go infinite in density? Absolute in Abyss? That I pretty much covered in outline in post #445 above. I had realized the density and the Abyss long ago but not (in depth of realization) the 'what' of infinite density and absolute Abyss.

"billslugg" quite some time ago mentioned in passing that the universe was filled to overflowing with light. Yeah, to me, I realize now, filled to an infinite density of "light's coordinate point SPACETIME(s)" ever crisscrossing 0-point crossroads infinitely broad in expanse and infinitely deep in depth of light's coordinate point SPACETIME(s)!

"Catastrophe" above in post #440 kept on harping on "points" to the center and on edge. That harping, too, stayed with me. The cauldron working.
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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
"Catastrophe" above in post #440 kept on harping on "points" to the center and on edge. That harping, too, stayed with me. The cauldron working.

Sorry, not understood. I was just pleased to note that I had not made a mistake in my terminology in considering higher dimension in expansion of the Universe.
"Mathematicians consider a sphere to be a two-dimensional closed surface embedded in three-dimensional Euclidean space."

Cat :) :) :)
You probably wouldn't understand anyway. But it doesn't matter, you jogged thought processes on the same points being in two places at the same time, surface edge and radial center. You still seem not to understand the Klein bottle's grid lines applied to the center point and surface of a sphere.

Or a toroidal moment as I see it. Or two and more points A, B, C.... offsetting . . . centering in depth an expanding offsetting horizon (centering expanding offset horizons in depth (horizon universes in depth)). Particularly, light's coordinate point SPACETIME(s) (past histories (t=+1) past light cone(s) -->|<-- future histories (t=-1) future light cone(s)).

Maybe if you had been tested an 'intuitive visual mathematician' and spent 70+ years a closely interested student of history . . . its vast panorama (and all that encompasses / entails of mind's eye time traveling physics) . . . you might understand light's coordinate point SPACETIME(s) in infinite density of its / their infinite depths, just a little bit better, There is a lot of matter and energy there; an infinity's , and eternity's, worth, and no mass (at this moment) to it at all. An infinite density (nonfinite, nonlocal, non-relative), at once an absolute Abyss (an absolute vacuum (nonfinite, nonlocal, nonrelative)).
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"Slay enough dragons, you become a dragon...:"

Stare ('Hubble' / 'JWST' / ....) into the Abyss:

"...: Stare into the Abyss, the Abyss will stare back into you." -- Nietzsche.

They ('Hubble' / 'JWST' / ....) will scarcely scratch the 'surface' of light's coordinate point SPACETIME(s)' infinite density of depths of infinities and eternity . . . Light's coordinate point-SINGULARITY (light's coordinate point singularities (past histories (t=+1) past light cones -->|<-- future histories (t=-1) future light cones))!

Try to dissolve and resolve the infinite density, the absolute Abyss (absolute vacuum) and it will just keep going to infinities and eternity (in the collapsed cosmological constant (/\) P/BB 'Mirror Horizon (t=*1*)'). And just think, it's just light's coordinate points . . . and all of them altogether in just one . . . everywhere / every-when at once quantum entangling in fundamental electroweak force's monopole moment.

(".... The 'multipole expansion' is expressed as a sum of terms with progressively finer (angular) features (moments). The first (the zeroth order) term is called the monopole moment, the second (the first order) term is called the dipole moment..., and so on....": ) (The outline of the word language description hit the mark I need and suited this "intuitive visual mathematician" (logician in threads of complexities and chaos coming together in the mind's eye) just fine! The math language expressed and interpreted is a foreign language and for others to see and hear -- whatever -- into! I got the gist . . . which is just what I needed and wanted for what I was already seeing into.)
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SPACE: Hyperspace -->|<-- Subspace: Chaos Theory's fundamental self-similar fractal 'zooms' (out and into infinity) universe structure, plus a micro- and macrocosmic set and reset is still my answer:

The cosmic picture even bears some resemblance to the 'Mandelbrot Set' of Chaos Theory!:

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