From a drop of water....

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I've written of the expansion of the universe, and the contraction of the universe, go absolutely "nowhere" into "nothingness," since they perfectly cancel each other out. Between a force of gravity that draws to an infinite set, and the gravity of the constituent gravitational elements of the infinite set, that draws to those gravitational elements a universal vacuum forms and thus a vacuum energy exists one might call dark energy, the fifth force or a drawing and pushing gravity to the infinity, the Horizon, whichever, since the latter (G), develops the former, the 'dark energy', The vacuum energy, through developing he vacuum.

Regarding the universe at large, and at small as well, the physic mirrors a reverse of the Casimer Effect where externally is the separation, the expansion effect, and internally is a contraction effect of black hole (void)-like singularity. That is development of a lot of cloud mass and energy that will not only contract to higher energy galaxies and stars in the macro-verse and transform the cloud to higher energy particles in the micro-verse but energize the expansion of the universe ending in the effective mutual cancellation of contraction and expansion without terminating or diminishing either one. Of course, like an electron returning to the lower energy state of the cloud, galaxies and stars will also eventually return to the lower energy state of the cloud.

Dark energy is a force of vacuum energy, a cosmic energy of the vacuum of space itself, that acts like a repellent force of gravity, an anti-gravity, not the kind of thrusts and losses that we associate with jets and rockets.
"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- Arthur Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet'.

Fight enough dragons, you become a . . .
cosmologist! Stare into the Abyss, the Abyss will stare back into you:

"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there!
He wasn't there again today...."

His name was and is "Antigonish!" His aliases are "Strange Attractor of Chaos"; the "Quantum Entanglement State" ("Spooky action at a distance" state) / the "Anti State" / the "Neutrality State" / the "Inertial State" (as opposed to the 'inertialess' state) / the "Vacuum State" (the "Nowhere Land" and "Nothing-ness" (thus, "Everywhere Land" and "Everything-ness") state), among others: The "Neutron," the "Neutrino," the "Ghost" (the microcosmic and macrocosmic "Quantum Cloud" state), the "0-point (portal)" .... and . . . last but in no way least, the "Graviton Singularity" (the fbb2 '0' (null unity) and/or (+/-)'1' (unity) . . . and fbb2 parity . . . 'Mirror' state)!

From a drop of water...!
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I hope people are aware that one definition of 'time' is 'light time' thus, a definition of one second is one light second. And 't' equals 'c', 'c' equals 't'. The two can be interchangeable as one means the other, time and light time history, inclusive of light time past history (-t) and light time future history (+t) . . . both intrinsically locked to the speed of light constant 'c'.

So, what happens if you replace 't' with 'c', and vice-versa, at least in certain equations for certain situations? As I have "observe," before we already do it for the "observed" radius of the universe, 13.7 billion light years being 13.7 billion years (thus, one second of time (splitting the dimension (-/+)) meaning one light second of [past (future) | future (past)] history (splitting the dimension (-/+))).

And, as I have said, and even diagrammed, before, the traveler on a train or the traveler through interplanetary or interstellar, or even intergalactic, space, at speed warping a bubble of space will -- per the principle of uncertainty -- occupy all at once far more time zones, to essentially infinitely more time zones -- far more crossing roads of light time histories all at once, than the observer standing still on the surface of the Earth, next to the railroad track on Earth, watching that train go by. The only piece of spacetime that will be and stay constant for him will be the PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) ([past (future) | future (past)]) Horizon in the distance (to the traveler doing nothing but spacetime (time!) traveling, that constant holding to its constancy being nothing less than a true "spooky action a distance" for the traveler . . . as much as for the observer standing next to the railroad track on Earth. It will be exactly the same constant (h) at exactly the same distance for both, as will be the distant (h) constant of the speed of light, 'c', be exactly the same constant for both).
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Newton's third law wasn't, isn't, complete.

"For every action (+/-) there is an equal and opposite reaction (-/+)". . . And a third dimension -- THE third dimension -- of "anti" (of 'neutrality') (of the 'Mirror' (in literature and other places, more popularly known as the 'Mule')).

Example: The expansion (inflation) / contraction (deflation) of the universe. The equal and opposite reaction always there and in action, the contraction (deflation) / expansion (inflation) of the universe. The "anti" (the "neutral") (the 'Mirror' "mirroring") (the mulish 'Mule'), being the "steady state" of the universe.

Example: [(+/-)300,000kps |0| (-/+)300,000kps]. "|0|" being the third dimensional "anti" (the "neutrality") (the 'Mirror') (the 'Mule').

The 0-point (portal) "graviton singularity," and/or the "quantum cloud," all the way up and down, all the way outside and inside, (all the way to "Nowhere Land" and "Nothingness" (all the way to "Everywhere Land" and "Everythingness")) to infinity . . . and to infinities.
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"In its most basic form, a moment is the product of the distance to a point, raised to a power, and a physical quantity (such as 'force' (also 'torque'), or electrical charge) at that point."

"The principle of moments states that for an object to be balanced the total clockwise moment must be equal to the total (here called) 'anti-' (meaning 'counter') clockwise moment." In fact, whatever is the 'pivot' at pivot-point, the neutrality, the 'Mule', should be the "anti."

"The principle that, when a system of coplanar forces acts on a body and produces a state of equilibrium, the sum of the moments of the forces about any point in the plane is zero."

Again, the literal meaning of "universe" is a ['turning unity']. A lot of vortices (+), and, and matching in balance of nature, a lot of counter vortices (-). The balance and balancer, the "anti" (the 'neutral').

From our point in it, due to our point in it, we cannot possibly adequately measure the contraction of the universe except by measuring the equal but opposite expansion of the universe. It is the "observed," the "observable" (the 'past'), moment.
Sometimes even I forget to think in the higher dimensions though I so often describe in them. It is the fast movers, to the even faster movers, the very fast movers relatively speaking, who will "observe" the contractions of the universe at large. We will have to move to the faster mover -- the faster traveler -- status before we "observe" the equal and opposite contraction "moments" of the universe. Part and parcel, as a saying goes, of Chaos Theory's "zoom" levels (warp-space-bubble levels, thus warp-spacetime, too) of the multiverse universe / universes.
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I should know better but sometimes I don't immediately. Yes, the contraction of the universe, and the universes, is the exact equal and opposite of the expansion of it and them, as to the what, but as to the how, that, also, is equal and opposite (fbb2 '0' (null unity) | '1' (unity) . . . and parity).

The expansion is -- the expansions are -- relatively smooth. The contraction -- the contractions . . . in no way smooth. It is as coarse grained as coarse graining can get. It's everywhere alright but it adheres to the preposition of "locality! locality! locality!" From micro-microcosmic cloud clustering to microcosmic cloud clustering, to relative cloud clustering, to macrocosmic cloud clustering (up to galaxy cloud clusters and beyond), to macro-macrocosmic (cloud clustering of universes), and back. Alternatively, 0-point graviton singularity (portal and portals) all the way up and down, inside out and outside in. Chaos Theory's "zooms" (zoom ins / zoom outs) and levels of....
"Alternatively, 0-point graviton singularity (portal and portals) all the way up and down, inside out and outside in. Chaos Theory's "zooms" (zoom ins / zoom outs) and levels of...."

The gravity cones of space from infinitesimal (infinite) to infinite (infinitesimal), the precise match to the light cones of time . . . thus, spacetime cones?
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The gravity cone of space.
The light cone of time.

Scary, because when I reduce it to that and think about it everything I've modeled and described in just about every thread and post simply crowds into it . . . then splits back out. All of it, all at once!
From bottom to top and back the [gravity cone of space] | the [light cone of time], thus, [spacetime], is at once the 0-point (portal) graviton singularity and that singularity's bubble, and bubbles, of warp-spacetime.

The light cone of time ([past (future) | future (past)]) has been easily seen and explained, even by me, even regarding the 0-point (portal) graviton singularity I put as the bullseye center point of every (all otherwise) single-sided 2-dimensional frame of light time history . . . and histories. It identifies essentially as Chaos Theory's level of smoothness regarding its multiverse universe of "zoom" (zoom out | zoom in).

The gravity cone of space, the other side of exactly the same coin of 'spacetime', is just a little harder to see. You have to see all of the from quantum particle and particles clouds to cosmic universe and universes clouds and back component clustering to see it. The principal being cloud and component cluster rather than particle and universe. The principal of the principal (sic) being 0-point (PORTAL) . . . being graviton singularity. It identifies as Chaos Theory's level of detail coarse graining or chunkiness regarding its multiverse universe of "zoom" (zoom out | zoom in).
I like this 13-year-old post I ran across from another forum so much that I wanted to quote it, as exactly as I can in keeping with my grammar, here since it so well rivals, and maybe better, any of my latest:

".... Sometimes it is referred to as M-Theory. It's a theory that took off from string theory. It says that instead of 10 dimensions, there's 11. And in the 11th dimension, the hyperspace containing all other dimensions, our universe is a floating membrane. It could be a doughnut shape or any shape. But there's numerous universe membranes floating around in this 11th dimension. Some are colliding, which in a part of this theory could be an explanation to the big bang. It's basically a different version of string theory because it still has little oscillating strings at the microscopic level, but it introduces that there's an 11th dimension and that universes are giant membranes or bubbles floating in a hyperspace in an ocean of bubbles. So not only are there billions of stars in a galaxy, and billions of galaxies in a universe, there also billions, maybe more of universes." -- 'libbon', May 12, 2010, 'Physics Forum'.

There are parallels though not exactly alike. I'm a long way from being alone.

It's an Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...."
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I wonder if anyone has ever noticed? We are infinitesimal beings in an infinite (infinitesimal) multiverse universe of "Many Worlds." We are infinite beings in an infinitesimal (infinite) multiverse universe of "Many Worlds." All at once.

Yes, we are "Gullivers" (as in 'Gulliver's Travels') . . . inland / outland "Many Worlds" all at once.

Being in a time zone, a light time history zone . . . and being spread across all those time zones, all those light time history zones, all at once, is some kind of being.
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It is said, and I agree with it, that no information is ever created or destroyed. That all possible paths, in all possible universes, are always being taken by anything and everything, and an Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe will have all of them covered in its information bank. All possible pasts and all possible futures, known to it all at once and forever, there being nothing that is unpredicted or unpredictable to it. Many do not realize that that means that the system is practically wide open to us, "decision moment" (t=0) to "decision moment" (t=0), as to which of those potentially many, many, possible paths, in those many, many, possible universes, to take at any point of spacetime, rather than paths being directed (predestined) for us, thus, alternate pathing being closed to us. They will all be crossroads to choose from. We are -- we will be -- the only ones who will voluntarily or involuntarily narrow our choices down.
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A historian, a real historian, knows that history always repeats itself in large aspect even if rarely in details. So, it is with the universe as well, repeating history in largest aspect at all times. What is the road to circling around and repetition? Entropy. Even on Earth we know that our domesticated lawns, structural formations, and even our infrastructure of civilizations keep on trying to reverse the arrow of time and return to the wild state.

They all do it reversing the arrow of time toward returning to the wild state, just not like physicists ludicrously describe it, but like historians describe it. And, again, in the largest picture, history is always, constantly, circling to repeat itself in large with the circle back to the future, the future being the past, the past being the future, in large, the circle back, once more, being the physic of entropy. That, and the universe is, the universes are, only partially closed systematic, partially open systematic.

Again, physicists aren't the only ones who deal in entropy, knowing it to be intrinsic to their field of science and study. Physicists have their heat system, regarding entropy, backwards. The march to breakdown, back to chaos, back to the wild, is the march to thermal heat . . . the march to resume structure and infrastructure building, particularly regarding the universe and mankind's civilization also, is the cooling cycle to its maximum of structure and infrastructure. When it comes to hot an cold, it is hot that is the max of structure and infrastructure breakdown into, back to, the component chaos, the wild. The blurred smooth thermal "hot" universe, the thermal-savage state of mankind in the decline and fall of civilizations, the thermal-wild of nature trying to reclaim our networks of domesticity (like our inbred lawns), is where the arrow of entropy will always point, not the "stone"-cold.

So, to go off on a relevant tangent, we, meaning whatever, will return to the thermal-heat frontier state one way or another, even if nature does it by mankind's mass extinction for refusing the thermal-wild frontier universe as a future into the past of frontier state, turning our backs on an opening system of an expansionist energy. And I didn't just tie myself in knots mixing entropy states and energy states . . . and arrows and/or gravity-light cones of space-time.

"Brevity may be soul of wit, but repetition is the heart of instruction." -- General George S. Patton, Jr.
The "observed" and "observable" universe is single-sided 2-dimensional 'Flatland' universe frame to the Earth, up against the Earth and all its scopes and detectors. Everything else of the multiverse universe, of the many universes, current and concurrent, we are blind, deaf, and sensory deprived to . . . excepting the scope of micro-verse 'Quantum Mechanics' to some uncertain degree.

Or! maybe not regarding that last and regarding the most distant shots we "observe!!!" To be theatrical, that show could be coming to us from a universe (a gravitational-light cone spacetime contracted universe to us) nearer to us than the Andromeda Galaxy. Maybe even nearer to us than Alpha Centauri. A vertical wormhole- like tunnel shot "observed" to the horizontal cone shots we think are what we are "observing."

The gravity cone of space.
The light cone of time.
The gravity-light cone of space-time.
0-point (PORTAL) graviton string singularities.
Single-sided 2-dimensional light time histories frames.
Warp spacetime bubbles.

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other...." -- A. Canon Doyle, 'Sherlock Holmes: A study in Scarlet'.
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I've said before that I wonder about large and tiny seeming UFOs flying through our space and doing impossible maneuvers while in transit. Probably tricks of atmosphere or light or something else. But just maybe real.

I've claimed we may be a rural-rim "flyover country" for aliens powering from point A to point B interstellar, spacetime travel. But those differing sizes and maneuvers may mean we were actually accidental vertical -- hyperspatial -- fly-thru tunnel spacetime between points of the vertically expansive to infinity, vertically contractive to the infinitesimal (relatively speaking), universe rather than accidental horizontal flyover country. Vertical navigational accidental fly-thru, wormhole tunnel thru, country rather than, or as well as, horizontal flyover country. Things may not be quite as dimensionally absolute as we would want to believe they are.

There are ruling absolutes regarding the physics of the universe at its largest and smallest scales (one and the same), but they are few, very few and very absolute, according to the simulations of the natural world, the natural universe, from the Science of Complexity. That work just tells us that there can't possibly be very many absolutes, very many ruling absolutes, or the MULTIVERSE Universe would be nothing but the most brittle stick caricatures of nature . . . of reality.
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I reduce the Grand Unification Theory to 0-point (portal) string singularity and fundamental binary base2 0 (null unity) | (+/-) 1 (unity) . . . and parity.

The simplest picture of this complexity would be the dimensionality of an infinitely telescoping-able gyroscope (PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) ([past (future) | future (past)]) Horizon) / the infinity of them (the infinity of warp-(gravity-light) space-time bubbles).

The simplest geometry picture I can I draw of it (draw of GUT): An infinitely telescoping-able gyroscopic bubble (bubble of a gyroscope) fbb2 '1' (unity) | '0' (null unity (the [micro and macro] 'quantum cloud' infinity of them)). I can't, nor do I want to, get it down or up further than that.
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As I have it, picture it, and model it: PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) ([p(f) | f(p)]) Horizon = Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (collapsed constant (cosmological constant (/\)) ([past (future) | future (past)]) Horizon. Ponderous anyway I do it but there it is.

So is what it represents: The absolute of, the constant of, IMU = Infinite (I) MULTIVERSE (M) Universe (U).

I do a heck of lot of working the "for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction." For every coin of the universe, there exists equal but opposite sides to the coin. Often -- as with Hawking's six-sided particle being six distinct particles -- more than just two sided. Or, as with my description of a single-sided 2-dimensional 'Flatland' light time history-frame cone of time, less than two-sided (thus 1- and 2-dimensional but not 3- or more dimensional (that is, unless you count the 0-dimensional, which I so often do (to some's confusion because it then ends up appearing and being greater than 2-dimensional, though still as much a single-sided geometry as I make it))).

Some of us realize 'Time' has more than one dimension to it, though have it that all those dimensions but one, a 1-dimensional stream of [past>present>future], or more simply [past>future], are simply imaginary time (particularly T = fbb2 0 (null unity) |1 (unity) . . . and (+/-) parity), which equals 'infinity absolute', the collapsed "set" constant of Time).

The equal but opposite of that collapsed constant (/\) of Time (T = 0|1), will always be t = 0?! What?!?! Sure! t= 0, but equal but opposite to T = 0|1! Instantaneity! Moment to moment! Still don't get it?

Past (future) | future (past):
New (old) | old (new):
Beginning (end) | end (beginning):
Instantaneity! Moment to moment!
Instant universe; instant change of universe; moment to moment. The wheel of time turns (universe: a turning unity . . . turning unities), the arrow, the arrows, point both directions, point all directions, at once; turn both ways in rounding at once, circling (cycling . . . all at once.
The finite local relative; equal but opposite to the non-local, non-relative infinity absolute (ergo, the immortality in the PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) ([p(f) | f(p)]) Horizon, thus, the IMU, spelled out at the top of the post (among many other posts). Always just arriving. Always just leaving. Countless arrivals, countless departures, on countless tracks crisscrossing Hawking's "Grand Central Station" (S = fbb2 0 (null unity) | 1 (unity)) with its 'Clock' ('T = fbb2 0 (null unity) | 1 (unity)) in its central location. Warp-able Space-Time Bubble Frontier (many 0-point (portal) frontiers (a countless many leveled and dimensioned telescoping 'quantum cloud')) (many horizons) (many worlds) (many universes) (many bubbles) (many wormholes (many tunnels and cone funnels (many 'Alice in Wonderland: Through the Looking Glass' "rabbit holes"))).

Of course, 'Frontier's equal but opposite is 'Utopia' (u-topos / no-place / 'Nowhere Land' and 'Nothing-ness' (thus, 'Everywhere Land' and 'Everything-ness' . . . all at once! Absolutely, perfectly, still / absolutely closed system and closed systematic / the perfection of dead without life . . . of 'oblivion").

It was Stephen Hawking, among many others including me, who predicted that mankind without that 'High Frontier' (that 'Hyper Space-Time Fronter') and expansion from Earth to it, starting "now" and not tomorrow! being the imperative! would only have (at most) "1,000 more years" to live within the womb of Earth alone. No matter what a child humanity, child life such as Earth life, does not maintain, does not sustain, itself into perpetuity in isolation from the universe at large. The Earth! won't let it! The Earth itself, always in Frontier change mode from the inside out as well as the outside in, dismissing the nonsense of 'Utopia' Earth out of hand, won't have it so!
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Just this morning I came across something old but new to me as a term of physics, though not new to me as an entity that I've imagined in my mind's eye, pictured and modeled without knowing it already existed in physics and cosmology. For all I've already done with it -- worked with it -- I'm surprised I wasn't told by someone here on the forum that I was two centuries late to this physic. It's called a "soliton."

"From a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other."

From an Atlantic or a Niagara, a logician could infer the possibility of a drop of water (in this case a "soliton") without having seen or heard of it.
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Now with the "soliton" I know how to express more clearly my argument against v - c and v + c (c - v or c + v). I've said it can't happen and I mean it can't happen because if anything stands for constancy as an absolute of physics and cosmology, it is the speed of light constant (the speed of time constant), represented by 'c'.

The constant is both linear and non-linear. It can be divided up into non-linear solitons, or non-linear light bullets, while never losing what it is ('c')! Thus, it can't be added or subtracted . . . added to or subtracted from. There can't be any correct result from attempts to marry 'v' and 'c'. It will always be a false marriage.

You can ascend time, ascend history, from the light trail in the light cone of time, while at once descending time, descending history, equally but oppositely in the same line of travel. You will have two arrows of time, not one. Far more than that, you will have several arrows of time ascending and descending, though two will be exactly equal but oppositely principal in a line, the traveler being 0-point (t = 0) between ascent and descent, maintaining, sustaining, center 0-point regarding the Horizon constant, the Horizon absolute, in every distant direction away from him. His destination point ascends out of it to him, ascends out of light time histories, his departure point sinks into it, sinks into light time histories toward that Horizon. Those solitons (those light bullets) arriving to you, the traveler, at the speed of light will be measurably constant from every direction even as histories you span while in your warp spacetime bubble, all the way up to spanning countless many of those crossroads, in your progression won't have a bit of consistency in time, much less any constancy in spatial measurement, to them.

Trying to add to or subtract from implies no breaking apart 'c' into non-linear solitons (non-linear light bullets) of the speed of light while never, ever, losing it as a universally absolute constant, even if you were Captain Kirk aboard the starship Enterprise walking your bridge and decks as if standing by a railroad track on Earth watching lots of light time trains pass by. Or, all those particle swarms of Captain Kirks (each a whole Captain Kirk) in all those particle swarms of Enterprises ( each a whole Enterprise) clouding, streaming all at once, a very, very, large quantum mechanical box (bubble) frame of spacetime observed by some Einsteinian observer and/or observers . . . impossible though that "observing" might actually be, the rolling spacetime bulge, one form of a soliton (and, thus, not a black hole), would still be a proving in macrocosm of quantum mechanics' principle of uncertainty and "spooky actions (plural!) at a distance."

Exactly where is it, the Enterprise, in that great bulge of a bubble? Exactly how fast is it traveling if the bulge in spacetime has any size to it? How distant if you can't quite tell distance, really, because it is a soliton warp bubble of spacetime? In fact, you probably wouldn't see it at all to answer any of those questions even if you had a sudden vision of a foot long Enterprise, or a swarm of them like a swarm of bees or a fish swarm, diving through the Earth as if the Earth wasn't even there (and it wouldn't be . . . and they wouldn't be ("Yesterday, upon the stair, I met a man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today. Oh, how I wish he would go away!" 'Antigonish', by William Mearns).

Now watch Dr. Samuel Johnson, circa 1687CE, through the gravity-light cone of spacetime (the lens of light time history), kick the rock again to refute me, too. He's always kicking that damn rock somewhere among all those universes . . . in all those infinities of universes. He will kick it into eternity, as he already has. And his 'self-similar' (in mind if not body) somewhere in Star Wars or Star Trek universes is thinking about 'Deja vu' as he accidentally stumbles and stubs his toe on an alien planet's rock (more bulges of spacetime . . . more warp bubbles of spacetime . . . more solitons.... An Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe).
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Some people just do not understand similes, or two things that aren't the same thing but fit one in the other, like the zoom universe of Chaos Theory, zoom out to the blurred blazing hot disorder of the universe, zoom in the cool-cold clarity of detail order of the universe. Continuing zooming and just keep on finding that you are doing nothing more than zooming between just two levels of universe in a vertical zooming to infinity up and out and down and in. One always in the gut of the other (such as graviton singularity (magnetic monopole) | magnetic monopole (graviton singularity).

Horizon (one is inside the horizon always / one is outside the horizon always)!

PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) ([past (into the future) | future (into the past)]) Horizon (Infinite MULTIVERSE Universe of infinities of universes). The infinities of horizons of the universe.

The tree is in the forest / the forest is in the tree.

A constituent element is in the set / the set is in each constituent element of the set.

Primal / fundamental binary base2 '0' (null unity) | '1' (unity) . . . and parity (+/-).

'Mirror' positive matter (+1) / positive energy (+1) || 'Mirror' negative matter (-1) / negative energy (-1). The 'Mirror' (the 'Mule') (1).

0-point (portal).

Gravity cone of space.
Light cone of time.
Warp spacetime bubble and bubbles.
Telescoping gyroscopic.

One always in the GUT of the other (graviton singularity (magnetic monopole (+1) (-1)) | magnetic monopole (graviton singularity (0 and/or1)). Magnetic moment (0-point (portal)?
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Saw an illustration the other day of odd bubble bulging astronomers are finding north and south of the galactic center of the, now, east-west galactic bar disk of the galaxy. Just now I was looking up again "magnetic moment" and "dipole" in Wikipedia and ran into this precise illustration under "dipole" in the article on it, just turned 90 degrees from the illustration of the bubbling out from the galaxy. It's the 2nd and colored panel of the "contour plot." An exact likeness, minus the coloration in both illustrations. The contour plot is said to be of "infinitesimal size", but there is nothing infinitesimal, relatively speaking that is, about the illustration of the same north and south orientated bubbling regarding what astronomers are noticing concerning the galactic center.

"One always in the GUT of the other...."

"From a drop of water...."
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The word "singularity" for a physic is older than I am, I think, and it still throws me off even now that I know better.

I'm a great fan of J. R. R. Tolkien's novels and the phrase, "the ring of power." Which to me, now, in physic and cosmology means 'ring singularity', 'singular ring', or "string." Thread after thread, post after post, I've put "graviton singularity" together with "0-point (portal)" and have been partially right, partially wrong, to do so. They do go together well, or rather they fit together, but they are definitely not the same thing.

Graviton singularity = string (ring singularity and resulting "surface" / "ground" / "Flatland" (ergo, "space")).
0-point (portal) = magnetic monopole (+/-) ("moment" / "periodicity" / "time traveler" (ergo, "time")).
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The gravity of a black hole is in the graviton string or [horizon] singularity, not in the 0-point (portal), which is a magnetic monopole (moment), as the gun barrels, the recoilless rifle barrel, of black holes' jets prove (0-point (portal) = magnetic monopole (moment)). Altogether, a telescoping gyroscopic.

Primal / fundamental binary base2 '0' (null unity) | '1' (unity) . . . and parity (+/-).
(+1) (-1)
0-point (portal) | magnetic monopole (moment).

So, it takes a moment to add in the Casimir effect.

The graviton is ring singularity or string. It is no point . . . never was a point. It is space, not time. Then there are the horizons of spacetime...!
There are things crossing, passing by and through other things all of the time and we observe them to be our reality all of the time. All the up and out to the clouds of galaxies of macro-verse and down and in into the clouds of the micro-verse. But there are those who would have us stop there, "what you see from here and now, what you detect from here and now, is all there is to reality. There is absolutely nothing more to it. You shouldn't ever, you can't ever, project the proof you witness ("from a drop of water, a logician could infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other") beyond what you see and detect from inside our enclosing bubble of observed and observable universe here and now." They tell us, in no uncertain terms, there is no greater mega-verse beyond the observed and observable universe here and now, no virtual limitlessness of universes crossing, passing by and passing through like the things we observe all of the time to be doing so. They tell us there is no proof in the local to prove the same in an unobserved and unobservable non-local. So, it does not and will not exist because it isn't observed and observable. They tell us we are ignorant and/or stupid to think that our observed universe couldn't be the only universe in existence just because our planet, our star, our galaxy, isn't the only one in existence.

Every decline of civilization into dark age implosion to a shrunken world view, no larger frontier universe present and accounted for in growing energies, reaches, structuralism, on and on virtually limitless in mind stretching possibilities for creativity and exodus from increasingly limited local situations, was matched perfectly by ever shrinking minds ever less self-disciplined and disciplining (becoming ever less civilized, ever more savagely primitive). A shrinking mass genius becoming narrower and ever narrower. more and ever more isolated island world insular inexorably, inevitably, becoming a 'Lord of the Flies' isolated island world. Escapelessly deformed and deforming without that outland frontier universe becoming present and accounted for here and now, not tomorrow and/or someday.

It takes frontier stretching, a frontier mind stretch, to discipline minds, to discipline the mass mind, to mass genius and civilization. Of course, not all make it, but most grow an expansive adult mind-state in an expansive frontier universe state.
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