Fun little Solar quiz

When it became clear, a few years ago, there was confusion within astronomy about what may or may not be the Sun's "true" color -- as we would see it in space but at a normal intensity for our eyes -- some work was done to get the answer. In some cases, the efforts were handled..... colorfully.

Here, from the Stanford Solar Center, is one such effort in the form of a solar quiz. It was meant to entertain, so it can seem a bit corny, admittedly. But, you may find it fun, none the less. [I had forgotten about this quiz.]
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A little history behind it.... The Stanford folks were open to doing something a little different. One idea was to create a treasure hunt with the use of multiple sites, but we elected to go with the quirky quiz approach, especially since it may help amateurs, like myself, realize that basic attempts to discover answers sometimes can prove fruitful, and are often fun.

IIRC, the interest from Stanford began from an even more zany attempt of mine to get the Sun's color "corrected": [It's why the word "heliochromology" -- study of the color of the Sun -- was invented. ;)]
Color of the Sun - Revelation [brace yourself!]

This is a tongue-n-cheek, self-aggrandizement blog post that some may find over-the-top. In spite of the style, it is more informative than the Stanford quiz, especially if all three blogs are read. [The site's owner/manager asked that I rewrite it in a professional manner to be more fitting with all their other scientific blogs. :) I started to do so but given how obvious the answer to the question of the Sun's true color really is, why bother? Maybe I should?]

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