'Fuzzy' dark matter might make stars form in giant 'pancakes'

Oct 16, 2022
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Do they have an estimate for how long this era would last, the pancake massive star super super supernova (I hope you don’t mind if I call this the PMSSSSN.) era? I have two pictures in my mind related to this: the PMSSSSNing happens in a single rush, or, alternatively, it is spread out over a significant period of time. If the first, then the second generation of stars would be forming from the final outcome of the PMSSSSN process. If the latter then there could be some formation of “normal” stars while the PMSSSSNing is still under way. I think that would make a difference to the formation process, of the second generation.

Related: the second generation of stars would be forming in quite a different environment to what would be the case if the pancake scenario did not play out. There would much higher levels of “metals” in the material from which the stars would form, assuming that the swarm of super super super novae would produce large amounts of elements beyond hydrogen, helium and lithium. (Could this lead to a distribution which has fewer massive stars?) It seems to me that there may also be a less uniform distribution of material.