Gorgeous photos show SpaceX's next Starship Super Heavy booster on the launch pad

Jul 22, 2023
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When you rain heavy rocks down on cars a short distance from the launch site, and on buildings a long distance from the launch site, because you were too impatient to build a water curtain at your launch site, even non-radical environmentalists start taking exception to how you do things.

Musk could have avoided this by launching later, rather than sooner, and listening to his advisers, but nah, why do the smart thing?
If every possible risk were assessed and accounted for before frontier projects were pursued, humans would still be in caves, life still to spark in the first mudhole if not extinct, instead of being on the verge of birthing out from yet another womb world . . . or destroying, annihilating, what was before (what went before) as life always does and always has done in a closed system Utopia / Dystopia!
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