Here we go again, a choke hold on frontier!

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I couldn't find the original so I point to what I saw (maybe the team can locate the original article and put it out for everybody)! I though this the second best forum for it (I couldn't put it where I thought it really belonged):

Frontier is one of the most far out risks and possibilities of failure and death in the history of the world. Government stepping in to regulate human space flight is reinforcement of an Iron Curtain between humans and breakout of Mankind into that frontier. If such regulation happens it will absolutely be a societal and economic escalation in an already almost supreme disaster of government control of space frontier ("power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely") . . . and thus us, all Mankind, right here on Earth ("power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely")!
The Big Brother totalitarian state 'Iron Curtain' between Mankind / Earth Life and a breakout to the outland Space Frontier tightens! The strangling squeeze is on and working to cost infinitely, thus kill! But you won't hear that from our U. S. Government and its bureaucratic FAA!

Oh, well! A once great frontier state of Mankind ("The last best hope of Earth" -- Abraham Lincoln) has gone away -- fifty years to-date -- into Orwellian Dystopia. If it isn't "safe," it won't happen! And the last natural thing risky, costly, Frontier is, up front before momentum gains always! is safe! Every "safe" species everywhere is extinct . . . or on the way to extinction!

"Damn the torpedoes! Full speed!" -- Commodore David Farragut, Mobile Bay, 1864CE.
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I have trouble believing that so many people whose lives will depend upon whether or not we have momentum to frontier frankly do not understand what momentum means to bringing down costs. And momentum will depend upon one thing alone, permanent station, occupation, colonization, in it. Otherwise, the costs to access that frontier, and the cost of infrastructure here on Earth, will, with entropy in a one world only system (an ever more bindingly inclosing system), inexorably rise toward infinite.
Article "NASA working to get private space stations up running...." made not a single mention of making sure of an artificial gravity (a spin gravity) station going up means just more of the same we've had for the last 60 years!

Permanent occupation of, permanent grip on, the frontier means making -- producing -- gravity there, you fools, private and public!!!!

At least one company is working on it, trying for it, and it wasn't even mentioned, along with no mention of producing gravity as the prime resource and commodity, need and want, of that frontier . . . and that I know of has no support whatsoever from government financing resources!!!! Sixty years of NASA and we the common people of the world, the non-elite common peasant vast, vast, majority of America and the world, still have nothing whatsoever commonly human in and of that frontier!!!! Not the true beginning of anything lasting (the producible richest commodity there, "artificial (spin or otherwise) gravity")!!!!
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"Chokehold," chokepoint, on frontier! You do things the government way when, as Darth Vader said to Lando Calrissian, "When there is no other side" (you do frontier my way, the totalitarian state bureaucracy's strangulation way, when there is no other way permitted).

Attributed to British politician Lord Acton, "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
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