How blockchain technology could help reveal the origins of life

Feb 4, 2024
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Great article! People need to be informed about the power and future of blockchain and crypto. Most just think investing or fake money.
This article's lead says that "block chain technology" is being used to study molecular evolution. But, all I can see is that the massive amounts of computer capacity that have been paid for by blockchain calculations are being used to do these scientific calculations when they are not being used to do blockchain calculations. That is a much different thing.

Personally, cryptocurrency seems like an old fashioned pyramid scheme to me. Take BitCoin for example. The controllers are saying that they will only create a predetermined limited amount of "coins". But, the blockchain computer time that creates and tracks those "coins" is being paid for by giving the calculators some of the "coins" that they "mine" with their calculations, which they then sell for regular currencies. Which raises the obvious question about what will be used to pay for this extensive computational load once all of the "coins" have been produced and it is just a matter of keeping track of all of the "wallets" making and receiving payments.

And then there is the problem that crypto currencies are unregulated and unsupported by anything except the "full faith and credit" of people who may be just like Sam Bankman Fried.

So, it seems strange to me that an article in is seeming to credit "blockchain technology" with scientific merit when it really just appears to be that the computer companies that do blockchain computing for cryptocurrencies are also selling their services to scientists with large computational tasks.
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A crypto coin is nothing but a tiny certificate that says: "I destroyed this much of the Earth's biome in a get rich quick scheme". The only "advantage" of crypto is it is not traceable. The only people invested in crypto are criminals, the victims of criminals and the "Get Rich Quick by Doing Nothing" crowd. Many of them have learned a dear lesson, some are still "on deck".
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