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How to Install Kerbal Space Program macOS


Have you heard everyone raving about Kerbal Space Program and decided you have to try it out for yourself? It’s an addicting game that has grabbed the attention of many people. The community is vast, mods are everywhere, and the possibilities are virtually endless. Most of the instructions out there help you navigate Kerbal on a Windows computer, leaving Mac users in the dark. Here’s how to install Kerbal if you’re running macOS.


1. Open Steam or go to the Kerbal Space Program website.
If you use Steam or would like to, log into your account. Search for Kerbal Space Program, then once you find it purchase it. Your download will begin automatically, and you’ll be able to find the game in your library.

Alternatively, you can go directly to the Kerbal Space Program website and download the game from there. In either case, ensure you have the proper system requirements.


2. Launch from Steam or go to the game folder on your computer.
Once you have purchased and downloaded the game, launch it in whichever platform you’ll be using. In Steam, go to your library to locate Kerbal, click on the name in your list of games, then click “Play”.

If you don’t have Steam and installed the game from the website, open the folder on your computer where the game files were downloaded to. Browse the folder until you find the file named “KSP”. This is the game launcher. Open it.

3. Click “Start Game” and begin playing!
The game will open in either Steam or through the KSP launcher. When the menu appears, click “Start Game”. You’re ready to start playing!