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I've seen many requests to post images to responses in the forums. Unfortunately, the simple truth is does not allow for the hosting of images on it's site. The only way to post images to these forums is to first upload your images to a third party site and then link to those images in your posts here. This tutorial is how I add images to my posts.

There are numerous third party hosting sites. I've used Photobucket and Imageshack in the past, but for now, I'm using (given they've gone ad-related, that may change soon). Additionally, this process is on my Windows 10 PC. Procedures for previous versions of Windows should not be different, but if you are using an OS other than Windows, these procedures may not work for you, but (hopefully) shouldn't be all that different.

So without further adieu:

1) Open the folder where the image you want to upload is located.

2) Open a browser window to Do not maximize either window (unless you're using dual displays). You need to be able to see both your folder and the web page.

3) In the browser window, click on the New Post button:


4) You should see the "Upload Image" page.

5) In your images folder, click on the image you wish to upload and drag it to the browser window. Release the image in the "Drop images here" box.

Keep reading for the ending steps!
-Wolf sends


6) Once the image has successfully be uploaded (you should see your image), right-click the image and select "Open Image in New Tab".

7) Copy the URL of the image to your clipboard (CTRL-C or highlight and copy).

8) Move back the the forums post and click the Insert Image tool.

9) Paste the URL of your image into the toolbox that opens. Leave the "Text" box blank.

10) Click the "Insert" button and your image should appear in your post.

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!

-Wolf sends
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