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Jan 15, 2021
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Hello everybody! I am from Russia, I have been following the activities of Elon and SpaceX for a long time, I love live broadcasts

Now I'm creating a video dedicated to SpaceX in the style of 3D motion, and I would like to collect more information from other fans

There are two questions:

1. What feelings do you have for SpaceX, why do you like these guys? Maybe some specific things?

2. What associations does SpaceX evoke in you?

Super grateful in advance for your reply! And yes, I am not a bot, I'm a dumb bear and that's why I use google translate
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Jan 15, 2021
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Hello everybody! Recently, I asked questions about SpaceX here, because I am doing a video about them. I just do it in order to practice, alas, I have nothing to do with them))

I was wondering what people think about SpaceX, why they are so passionate about it. To be honest, I was super inspired, because I hadn’t talked to anyone so interested before)) In short, I collected a lot of different information, here are the key points:

1. Everyone believes in Ilona, his personality is more than 50% of the company, many simply answered about him, not SpaceX

2. Spaces have achieved real results

3. People want to go to Mars - is also one of the key points

I thought about all this and roughly dashed off the plot of the video: I will show different projects of Ilona and SpaceX, himself, and of course the colonization of other planets

I'm doing the dynamics of the video. Initially, he did something quietly technological, but this is so usual that it is not even interesting to watch. And it seems that all videos about science and technology are just like that. As a result, I redid everything much more dynamically.

Now I'm putting together roughly how the video will look. So far, from the rough blocks that represent objects in the video, here are some screenshots

What do you think? If you wanted to express yourself earlier, then it's not too late :))



Oct 23, 2019
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SpaceX rocket launches are fun to watch. It makes me happy to see they're efforts, except for the satellite pollution in the skies. Elon Musk is clearly an interesting person. It's very difficult to keep up with all of the things they are working on, so thanks for working on your videos to help explain some of their projects.
Nov 18, 2019
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SpaceX genuinely fascinates me; it's like watching history in the making. The feeling of awe and inspiration I get when I see those rockets land back on Earth is unparalleled. It's not just about the technology for me; it's the audacity of dreaming big and challenging the status quo. SpaceX symbolizes innovation, resilience, and the boundless potential of human ingenuity. It evokes a sense of adventure and the exciting possibility of a future where space travel is accessible to everyone.

And hey, when you're piecing together your video on SpaceX, and you find yourself needing to cut video clips to fit perfectly into your 3D motion style, remember there are plenty of tools out there designed to make that process as smooth as possible.

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