'I get the UFO question?' New Jersey's Chris Christie promises honesty on aliens in 1st Republican presidential debate

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I may be slightly off topic but did anyone else get suspicious concerning the video of the TRUFF UAP (UFO) showing in the news and on the internet?

It supposedly sped up to aircraft that supposedly captured it on video as it almost stopped (relative to the aircraft) then sped off again at a tremendous acceleration. The big problem I have is the big word "TRUFF" that was painted on the saucer. It drifted, literally drifted, around as the saucer drifted around while flying straight then taking off, That drift around looked precisely like it was hanging from a thread erased from the picture. It made everything about the video appear to have been faked. Well done, but because of that slow turning drift absolutely faked!
Mar 31, 2020
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The mania out there at this time is out of control. This will be the time when you will see all the fake reports, false claims and spoofing in all its forms. This crowd, is as bad as those who rigidly claim 'we are alone' in the universe. The ones who say we are the 'be all to end all,' center of everything.

The intelligent lifeforms who are truly observing us are helped by both of these groups. They are observing us, and do not wish to be discovered.

We need to let the bipartisan members of congress conduct their investigation. The cover up and misdirection by the military is very real. We must be patient. More whistleblowers will undoubtedly come forth. Truth will be revealed in time.
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