Ice Fossils in an Ancient Space Rock Reveal Clues About the Early Solar System

Interesting report and analysis. The meteorite also comes with a cosmic ray exposure age, commonly measured only a few or perhaps less than one hundred million years old for many meteorites documented in the lab. Did the ice enter the meteorite, much more recently then? Interesting.
Nov 22, 2019
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It would be more likely to find the latter (microbial fossils). In fact, scientists initially believed they had found microbial fossils in a meteorite called ALH8004. That rock was blasted off Mars and landed on Earth in Antarctica, but some asteroids are likely similar rocks that are still floating around out in space. The jury is still out as to whether life could get started on an asteroid that was one of the primordial building blocks of the early solar system, although the conditions for life arising on a such a body do seem unlikely.
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