if the universe and space was created at the moment of the big bang where did the big bang happen At the instan before the event there was nowhere a?

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"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
"I keep on saying show me the proof.
Wiki is written by people who know very little of the complexity of the universe and the properties of matter. "

In my humble opinion, it is not for you to require that we produce proof for you. Why cannot you take it upon yourself to do some research, and make up your own mind? That is what I, and, I am sure, others have done.
It is also my humble opinion, that most people who contribute to Wiki are well meaning and knowledgeable, and we should be thanking them rather than suggesting that they are (in whatever measure) ignorant. If anyone thinks that they are promulgating inexactitudes they have the option to try to 'correct' this.

I am more impressed by positive action than destructive criticism. May I please make this post positive, by politely requesting that we all do our best to interact politely and in a positive manner?

Cat :)
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The size of the super cluster that we are part of is huge. Getting to know what’s out there allows us to further understand. There are many more super clusters. Millions of galaxies some much much bigger then our Milkyway Galaxy. Looking at the 3D within the paper is very educational.

The Laniakea supercluster of galaxies
R. Brent Tully, Helene Courtois, Yehuda Hoffman, Daniel Pomarède
Galaxies congregate in clusters and along filaments, and are missing from large regions referred to as voids. These structures are seen in maps derived from spectroscopic surveys that reveal networks of structure that are interconnected with no clear boundaries. Extended regions with a high concentration of galaxies are called 'superclusters', although this term is not precise. There is, however, another way to analyse the structure. If the distance to each galaxy from Earth is directly measured, then the peculiar velocity can be derived from the subtraction of the mean cosmic expansion, the product of distance times the Hubble constant, from observed velocity. The peculiar velocity is the line-of-sight departure from the cosmic expansion and arises from gravitational perturbations; a map of peculiar velocities can be translated into a map of the distribution of matter. Here we report a map of structure made using a catalogue of peculiar velocities. We find locations where peculiar velocity flows diverge, as water does at watershed divides, and we trace the surface of divergent points that surrounds us. Within the volume enclosed by this surface, the motions of galaxies are inward after removal of the mean cosmic expansion and long range flows. We define a supercluster to be the volume within such a surface, and so we are defining the extent of our home supercluster, which we call Laniakea. A key component of this paper is an accompanying movie that can be viewed (also in 3D) and downloaded at this http URL or this http URL
Comments:accompanying video available in 3D, 7 minutes, english/french, closed captions, teaser of 1 minute this http URL
Subjects:Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics (astro-ph.CO)
Report number:Nature, vol 513, number 7516, p71 (4 September 2014)
Cite as:arXiv:1409.0880 [astro-ph.CO]
(or arXiv:1409.0880v1 [astro-ph.CO] for this version)
before the bb
I have formed a new combined theory (I have not, quite, finished this paper yet), - and NO, is is not a paper which combines Quantum Theory with Relativity (I wish!), but my theory revisits/re-examines what "Nothing" actually means in Cosmological terms, the mechanism by which the "Big-Bang" takes place, the physical shape of our Universe, the expansion of our Universe and why that expansion is accelerating. Plus quite a bit more too!
"Nothing" is a much over-used term, in every-day conversation! And, almost without exception, it is used incorrectly by all of us! I believe our incorrect usage, and pure over-familiarity with "Nothing" has influenced cosmological theoreticians away from seeing how the cosmological "Nothing" is a factor of exceptional importance which affects just about everything - and it just might be the "Signpost" to the answer of that vexed 50-year-old question; "Where is the missing energy?" - As I believe that particular energy has been hiding in plain sight!
Do we still need "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy"? Yes, I think we do, - not for solving the abode of the "Missing Energy", but more for describing the multiple bonds which form the internal structure of our universe!
The complete "Nothingness" of "Nothing", is a much more mind-boggling, and counter-intuitive concept, than it would first appear to be, because
"Nothing" both exists, and does not exist, at the same time!
Sorry, I cannot be more detailed, before the publication of my paper!
However, I will leave you with one thought;
How do you think the furthest galaxies (detectable from Earth) have come to occupy totally impossible positions. Not only are their positions impossible as we see them today, but doubly impossible, because we are looking at them in positions they occupied billions of years ago.
My theory posits that they travelled much faster than the speed of light, in order to attain such positions. But they did this without breaking Einstein's rule that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (186,000mps) - and that speed has been empirically-proven!
But this is the perfectly explainable question which I am asking you - and this too, depends upon a complete understanding of


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Please not yet another variation on 'space' being [nothing' and therefore takes no time to traverse, and hence facilitates FTL.

Cat :)

P.S. And, BTW, this ' "Nothing" is a much over-used term, in every-day conversation! ' seems familiar.
The speed of thought can solve all issues.
Life will go on with and without.
The Never Ending Story,,, The Nothingness.
Just imagine the positives and all will be clear and created again and again.

Unless we look at the physics and understand how matter forms and transforms from one transient to the next.
My research goes back 50 years and the amount of research papers cover most aspects of what we discuss and much much more.
Rather then me expressing my ideas, I love for people to do a bit of research and see what is outside the window and beyond.
Having your own believes is fine and we all do, but sometimes our information including myself is within a shell of information and what ever conclusion or expressing an opinion is from the egg shell of information. The more information you accumulate the better informed you become.
Aug 31, 2021
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That is a good question. I gave it a lot of thoughts.

There are two possibilities, I see no third for now - Time either started with the Big Bang or not: 1) If Time existed before the Big Bang then the Big Bang was an event in the long, long timestring. This has logic in it because when you look at the intergalactic vacuum, which is the closest thing to the nothing since it has just 1 particle in the 1 cubic meter of the space, it seems that Time needs no conditions or circumstances to be. It simply is - waiting for something to happen and last so that it duration can be measured. Or someone will suggest that Time has stopped in the intergalactic vacuum? I do not think so. Time there passes just like anywhere else with respect to the local environment. maybe some bending of spacetime or high energies but it passes with any doubt - with or without clocks and more than 1 particle. In the 1) scenario there could be countless parallel Universes created along the timestring. That would differ us from other Universes by the accurate position in the time line. Maybe time is a supreme astral mind in which manifests all there is? 2) If Time started with the Big Bang then anything existing before is: eternal, since there is no decay without time component included. Therefore, prior existing entity or force is indestructible and the source of the Universe creation. We know that at high energy state forces merge - at CERN they manage to connect electromagnetic with weak force. For strong force unification they need much more power. Theoretically speaking, it is possible to unify all three and even fourth - gravitation. At the primordial moments of the Big Bang energy state was super ultra high. Was it enough? Would it satisfy the CERN? Just imagine the size and corresponding equipment to achieve that. With this abilities they need kilometers of underground accelerators. Could it be that our 4 forces, dark energy and quantum mechanics as well, are derived from one initial power that separated itself into the founding blocks of the Universe which are besides forces (energy) also particles (matter)? We must build Dyson sphere around the black hole and accomplish the level 3 of Cardashev scale to make certain scientific dreams true.
The formation of both time and energy are very likely not natural events.

We can change energy from one form to the other, for example, when we drop an object potential energy becomes kinetic energy, but we are limited to what is already before us, here and throughout the universe.

We can "change" time (it's rate) somewhat as time is malleable when under the influence of gravitational fields and fast inertial frames moving relative to one another. But it won't change it's behavior; it's quantifiable to many decimal places, thankfully. :)
Research more and more until you can understand Relativity.
Understand quantum dynamics
Chiral Supersymmetry
Dipolar electromagnetic condensates
Time cannot be altered
The mechanism of calculating time can be altered by gravity.

If your happy with what you know then that’s OK
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