Infinitesimal (Infinite)

Everybody is getting into the act of "infinite" and either quoting someone about it or just trying to understand it. I say great going. I've nailed it down to a sort of quality of quantity as far as I am concerned.

To infinite, finite does not exist. It is something [outside] of infinite. To infinite, zero does not exist. It is something [outside] of infinite.

To finite, infinite is nothing more nor less than potential, Potentially infinitely large, potentially infinitely small. Both, "infinite". '0' can never represent it in any way, since '0' is neither finite nor infinite, but outside of both. You can say to divide any number by '0' comes out infinite, or in-finite, but it would be wrong, any more than to multiply by '0' would come up infinite, or in-finite.

In physics, and cosmology too, what is to the other side of the Planck limit, the Planck horizon? Infinity! Singularly, point infinitesimal, which is nothing more than a direction from local finite relativity into the non-relative non-local (into non-locality). We, each of us, would be an infinite quantity, or of infinite quality, to infinitesimal. We would not be finite since finite does not exist, nor would we be '0' since '0' does not exist either. Both are outside the realm of infinite.

Only one number we use is not outside its realm. And that number is '1'. The sum of all infinite, to infinite, is '1'. Sum total: Universe. Sum total: Cosmos. It can even mirror, '-1'. Thus we find the only finite / infinite "self-similarity" in '1' ((Universe) (universe)) ((Cosmos) (cosmos)) ((Non-local) (local)) ((Non-relative) (relative)) ((in / beyond horizon) (this side of horizon))....

Ultimately, there is no difference between infinitely large and infinitely small Barring finite from its realm, all difference disappears. What is to the other side of the Planck horizon down and in? Infinity. What is to the other side of the BB horizon up and out? Infinity. The same infinity. What is to the other side of the "event horizon"? Infinity (a.k.a. "naked singularity").

A dimensionless point is infinite, until it is described -- Albert Einstein ("it takes three dimensions to describe a point"). His closest pal, the genius mathematician Kurt Godel, apparently could never understand that. You could say AE was a little arrogant in his subordination of infinite to finite by the simple method of describing it, but it works! The physical, or cosmic, tool of that working that works is the Big Mirror mirroring Universe to Multiverse. The infinite of Universe, the infinite, is under control via (Universe / Multiverse). The infinite of dimensionless point singularity has (the infinity of point infinitesimals have) duality with "string" / "string vibrations" via mirroring (('1') ('-1')), both regarding the micro-verse way down there in level and the macro-verse way up there in level.

Infinite has convertibility. So does finite. '0''s only convertibility is to "horizon", Neither infinite nor finite (being both here and there; both now and then).

(As always as modeling.... a work in progress.)
I've done this elsewhere, but maybe I can 'verse" ('turn') it just a little more here.

Finite universes -- being finite -- begin disappearing into blackholes' event horizons and the infinity of 'naked singularity' beyond, almost from the time new generations appear. That generation exists for its time, cycles through its time (if you will), and vanishes in what I would call 'down welling' to the deep of the infinite Universe (the Big Crunch Vortex / Big Hole Vacuum / Big Mirror Mirroring).

"'Down welling' to the deep of the infinite Universe". 'Verse': 'Turn': 'To turn': 'Turning'. Gravity's "Down Welling": Outside in (or this side to...) to the Big Crunch Vortex ('naked singularity').

Then where? From the 'naked singularity' of the Big Crunch Vortex? From the "deep" of the infinite Universe? From "down welling" (from outside in)? To where?

To inside out. 'Turn' "outside in" to inside out. "Naked Singularity', to infinities of point infinitesimals (point 'singularities'), to infinities of 'strings' and 'string vibrations', to 'quantum field fluctuations' (Planck level hot blue-white hole jet), to universes (u). An ever continued streaming outside in to inside out. Down welling into the deep's ultimate destiny, up welling from that same deep as its flip side. Up welling's ultimate destiny, down welling. Superposition correlative (all at once). Co-existing. A stream. Not cause and effect (well... that might be debatable).

Inside out to infinity of universes being the destiny of outside in to infinity of point infinitesimal singularities. Some may call it "cycling". Okay. Some may call it from "nothing" to "nothing". Okay. I call an "infinite" an "infinite", forever "forever" never ending. A vortex, a vacuum, a wrap into itself without any beginning or end. It being its own destiny. That is the Universe (U) (the Multiverse). It is not the universes (u).
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