James Webb Space Telescope chief scientist Jane Rigby receives highest US civilian award

May 17, 2024
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Congratulations to Jane Rigby!

I just want to add...

Her T-shirt was decorated with illuminated realms warped by massive structures in their vicinity, stretched and squashed like taffy thanks to gravitational tides that twist the very fabric of spacetime as though it were a bendable sea of four-dimensional rubber. This image was actually among the first stills captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, a gold-plated, multibillion-dollar instrument located a million miles from Earth...

With all the descriptive detail, discussng one of the earliest & first-of-its-kind & "impossible" images taken by the telescope at the heart of this story, I really like how the only thing ultimately linked to from within that text was (sorry if I botch the name, but I think it was called) "Earth."

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