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The act of hiring is an extremely valuable thing. Any person hiring is going to extract as much as possible from the process, thus no one is ever hired where additional tokens for future use are not generated. What this means is no one is ever simply hired from a website or an application. It is always "a friend of a friend" or " a guy that Joe knows". Such a referral is like gold for both sides.
Bottom line: You need an "in". Go to where the decision makers are located, physical or virtual. Set up camp. Go to the gym. Join a church. Start a business, whatever. At some point you will meet someone who knows someone. This is the only way people get hired. Just go read up on the software engineers who put out 1,000 applications and hear nothing.
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May 31, 2024
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Is there a thread or forum for jobs and careers in space?

I am a software engineer considering a career at a NASA contractor.
Similar situation. Software engineer looking to work in a company that does something interesting related to space. Any success regarding this? Or anything that you have looked at so far? I think that it might be possible that we both share a common interest.