keeping up w/ the space Jones's

I have a short story about a world hard-coded to remake a tyrannical society with even more mammalian brain parts than lizard, but with utilitarianism supreme in war. And an AI that lost the (local) war via blueprints and lack of qualia, despite having pure technical advantages.
This society has long-term considerations: It isn't allowed to know ethics first hand. It can mimic ethics if desired. Surely this is desired some decade or century. This society's homeworld is statistically expected to be destroyed in 600 years. Ethics would be handy before then. This society doesn't know love except for 100 of its members. Or it's star travel goal is impeded. It can mimic love even better than the real thing. This society would prefer to work, and to have administrators carve up some fake bureaucratic distribution scheme for goods to be social. I don't know what that means for a society of plenty. This society is unable to want extreme engineering R+D. It could make Spock if required, but is too dangerous to ever mess with existing brains here. The tyranny offshoot alternative are nerf robots programmed with CDs that can love, and can be ethical, but are never able to be 185 IQ, and we rarely can be.
The Sea Monsters are the third alternative. A real Wedding Present, and real monsters not defeated in a real ocean. Turn the page.
I think NASA should focus on whether we should work in space to stay sane and interested (assuming 1/100th today's task list as a daily routine), whether it wants safe robots or not for socializing, and that anyone can cash out power for love, but you are vulnerable then. Alot of the Japan robot stuff is psychologically relevant now.

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