Light pollution is erasing stars from the night sky at breakneck pace. It's only going to get worse.

Jan 19, 2023
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I agree. Here in Michigan alone, the sky is getting so bright due to all the LED lighting that is excessive in many areas. Buildings with all the unshielded wall packs and property lights that are aimed at an angle that distract and nearly blind motorists and anyone who happens to look in the general direction. Residential lighting is becoming more of a problem too, with many of the lights without motion sensors to regulate them.
What our state really needs sadly, is some good legislation that puts limits on how many fixtures are in a given area , types of installations, wattage of lighting, and encourages motion activation technology, to help curb this ever growing problem. 🙁
Jan 23, 2020
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I think we need laws on lighting, there are houses near my house that have spotlights in the driveway pointing up to light up their cars at night, WHY??!? No one wants to look at your BMW in the middle of the night!

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The motion sensor is the ticket. The light going on is what alerts you, and the bad guys usually go away if it suddenly goes on.
My neighbor has a very bright light pointing sideways across his driveway and my yard. But, he just ain’t watching the yard at 3 a.m. And half the light is wasted to my night sky. I’m lucky to see much more than the moon, Venus and Jupiter.
Roanoke, Va. And the light pollution is terrible here also. Look at the space night time view. We are a huge light emitter. One has to drive several miles and find a shadow, in order to see the nite sky.

We do have a dark spot just north of us. You can see it on the space view. It's for the Green Bank Observatory. RF transmission is restricted in that zone. Some might want to try some of the dark spots on the image for their skyward observations.

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