Light time universes (histories), graviton singularities, and matrix to unity to definition(s) forming.

I don't do any of this pre-planned, I do it like some writers and others on the fly only as it comes to me, and is retained, in my mind's eye:

About 100,000 observers mill around in a giant stadium watching a race of things around a track, some racers quite near close relativity to the crowd, other racers accelerated to nearer light speed far and away distant from closely relativity to these 100,000 milling observers of the game, the race.

The 100,000 observers take for granted what they see around them as they look around them, brought to them from every direction there is by light at the constant speed of light 'c'. Single-sided 2-dimensional frames of light time universes (histories) meeting in each and every observer of the 100,000 . . . and being to each and every observer a different light time universe (light time history) observed but unified to a larger 'unity' in crossroads crossing matrix-grid by the built-in 0- and 1-dimensional graviton singularity of all the 0- and 1-dimensional graviton singularities that is the only thing that can form x, y, z, t, coordinate 'unity' of relativity . . . of relatively united matrix-grid 0-d point (1-d portal (tunnel)) mass-energy entities and light time universes (histories) photo-photon pictures. Zoom out and the observers in aircraft above the stadium observe only one stadium and crowd. Zoom out further, and the space station observer observes only one picture of planes and stadium and crowd . . . only one single world in one single space, in one single time, below. Altogether Chaos Theory's "Zoom Universe (zoom out / zoom in)."

No matter the observer, no matter the traveler, no matter the numbers of them in place, in matrix, this is the 'unity' ('1'), thus the graviton united singularity of graviton singularities, of a local-relative x, y, z, t, coordinate world and universe that ties directly to -- as if quantum entangled with -- the X, Y, Z, T, coordinate Infinite Multiverse Universe (PBB(B)H (cc (/\)) Horizon (T=0 (T=1)) of "is", never "was."

Planck Big Bang (Black) Hole (PBB(B)H).
Cosmological constant / collapsed constant (cc (/\)).
Horizon (Horizon of all horizons (all the infinities of finite horizon)).
Primal (Primordial) / Fundamental Binary Base2 (fbb2 (0|1)
'Horizon' (0|1) / SPOL 'c' (0|1) / graviton 'singularity' (0|1) / 'fbb2' (0|1).
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It's tough to rise above 1- and, at most, 2-dimensional thinking, to rise to the (fbb2 (0|1))- dimensional (which is just within / just beyond the horizon of infinity), thus more than 3- to 4-, dimensional, but it can be done with observation, long and wide studies, much work, and thought (thus developing some concentration capability and ability).

"If I had eight hours to cut down a tree, i would spend seven sharpening my axe." -- attributed to Abraham Lincoln.
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This article reinforced my realization of the above:

How the Physics of Nothing Underlies Everything | Quanta Magazine

Now on to "definition and definitions:

If I realized anything in the last month or two in fighting so hard for the twin brackets of macro-macrocosm and micro-microcosm, two sides of the same coin that aren't even really two sides but ultimately just the same coin, it is that relativity, not quantum mechanics, that deals in the definitions of our world, any world, any local-relative universe. It must be the graviton singularity that lends definition and definitions to the universe, and the mechanism of Chaos Theory's 'Zoom Universe' (zoom out to blurring disorder / zoom into detailing order / a zoom universe level upon level to infinity, zoon out to order and disorder (up and out); zoom into order and disorder (down and in), ultimately a reduction to the stereo base of just the two levels of "zoom."

I would remind people that Stephen Hawking told these people there is no going to '0', no obliteration of, no wiping out, "everything", simply because we are already there, fully, on one side of the coin of "nothing" and/or "everything", thus the coin itself of "something", "somethings" (thus definition and definitions), left. And all thanks to "field of 'Relativity'" and entity of relative mass, the graviton 'singularity' in its micro-microcosmic and macro-macrocosmic being: The 0-d point and 1-d string portal (tunnel) bit that bases the single-sided 2-dimensional frame of light time universe (light time histories) that cannot be chased, much less caught, from the rear, the backside, because there is no such side, being effectively two sides, two ends, of ['inertialessly'] tunneling a universe. Or, in the case of black holes, funneling a universe.

Whether the graviton singularity doubles as the 'Higgs field' and/or 'boson', is definitely not my intent to say. I'm just not that familiar the 'Higgs', nor apparently is anybody really. The 'Higgs field' and/or 'boson' may point to the graviton singularity, but they probably aren't it per se.
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I'm on the way, I think, to associating, to realizing, ever more closely the graviton singularity, or simply gravity's singularity, with both sides of the single-sided 2-dimensional frames of light and light time universes (light time histories), however contradictory that might seem.

To be continued....

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