Lowest orbital altitude

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Yep, they would actually have to take off, do a speed run to get the skin up to temprature and then refuel in mid air.

Just imagine if cars had that problem... :p


MeteorWayne":3d49ahep said:
What's laughable?

-so aphh, how come you've never replied to this? Couldn't get your foot out of the keyboard?

Sorry, it is holiday season and I am outside doing some field work. Okay, perhaps it was not laughable, but if I was youth, I'd look into the brief explanation of orbital velocity I gave on top of the page. It defines in simple terms why an orbit around objects happen and what are the required forces and their interaction.

There is more to it, as usual, but the principle is there. Think of it as being in a centrifuge or merry-go-round. You would orbit the vertical axis of the centrifuge and gravity would be the wall that prevents you from slingshotting off the centrifuge.

If the velocity of the centrifuge gets too high, the wall breaks and you would be thrown off the merry-go-round. This would be the escape velocity.
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