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Mr Charles White , beleive me you will want to see this and not just the elements and atoms from one test you will want to see the whole thing its about one and a half ton meteorite that I have and it's NOT a meteorwrong, Its one of a kind!!!!!
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This AMA is now closed, thank you so much all for participating and special thanks to @SpacePope for answering all the questions.

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Our special guest for launch week is none other than NASA’S own Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Charles White. He'll be answering questions in this thread over the next few weeks, so if you have questions ask away!


More about Charles White

Charles White is currently a Knowledge Management Analyst for the Office of the Chief Engineer.

Mr. White is a sitting member on both the JPL Engineering Board, as human factors in engineering specialist, and the JPL Lesson Learned Committee as an author and investigator to lesson learned documents and selected case studies.

His lessons learned are published on the NASA website and examples are the extended wearing of the Mars Curiosity Rover Wheels, and how nickel alloys can become magnetised endangering spacecraft missions, among others.

His career at JPL began in 1987 and he has worked on numerous space missions directly and indirectly through institutional support program offices. He has brought information technology changes to the institution. Charles has received numerous awards for his innovative initiatives.

Charles promotes JPL missions to school children and programs as he himself was inspired as a student to work at JPL by Carl Sagan. He eventually met Dr. Sagan at JPL and they sat together on the JPL mall for a 90-minute face to face chat.

In his off-work time, Charles is an active member of the Los Angeles League of Arts and he promotes joining science and art together through a private group known as the Desert Wizards of Mars. This group has brought several art pieces to Burning Man, including the Mars Rover Art Car, and the Black Rock Observatory.

Additionally, Charles has co-founded an in-game organisation known as the Sixth Empire, which promotes an anti-suicide program for gamers in EVE Online. The Sixth Empire has 500 members located worldwide.

He’ll be popping in to answer questions in this thread throughout the week so we'd be delighted if you'd be up for helping us get the conversation started by asking him any questions related either to his work at NASA , or his work with EVE Online.

Here’s some reading for you to get you started:

JPL is the leading U.S. center for robotic exploration of the solar system, and has 19 spacecraft and 10 major instruments carrying out planetary, Earth science and space-based astronomy missions.

Charles is better known in MMORPG, EVE Online circles as the head of the Ammarian roleplaying faction ‘Max Singularity, The Space Pope'.

Official EVE Online Press:
Ask away!
Hello my name is Tanya I would like to know if you can please be of help to me by pointing me in the right direction concerning a very large meteorite I have. There have been many tests taken but the only confirmation I have regarding it is it definitely is NOT SLAG. According to the head guy at the lab in San Jose California, I took samples to said " it was very complicated and that there are things in the reading that they do not know what they are.
Here are some test results my main objective is to get it classified and then sold.
Fe 40.080581
C 28.016885
O 24.565462
Al 0.7547184
Mn 0.597386
P 0.3551852
Na 0.2015321
S 0.1730469
V 0.0568309
Cl 0.0497551
Ti 0.044513
Ni 0.0304291
K 0.0291747
Cr 0.0229835
Co 0.0203866
Cu 0.0179926
Here is another reading from another piece that I took out to San Bernadino University and Im not really sure if the reading was complete due to my coming unannounced and the professor letting it run until he got ready for the lecture he was late for anyways this it
Mn 6364.2 680.2
Fe 9726K 20.2K
Ni 947.1 257.6
Cu 494.4 154.1
Pb 106.0 63.7
U 95.4 32.2


"Science begets knowledge, opinion ignorance.
Hi. It seems to me that the C figure may really mean Ca. Have you noticed this and have you any comment? From Tanya's description it sounds like it may be a pallasite. Have you had any chance to verify this?