Neutrinos: The Deception of the Devil

(arg 1) Beta decay produces electrons with a continuous spectrum of energy. According to particle physics all of the electrons kinetic energy had to be lost or gained in quantum amounts. An electron collision with an atom was supposed to be lossless. The electrons were losing kinetic energy without producing photons. Worse still the electrons had lost kinetic energy in non-discreet amounts.

Kinetic energy was being transferred to other atoms by the heretical inertial field of the electron. The Earth has a measurable inertial field which might look like a magnetic field. Because of the temporal pixilation at the quantum scale the inertial field for an energetic electron could look like a 3d snowflake.

The beta decay electrons were losing kinetic energy through collisions with other atoms. The energy was being transferred by the electrons inertial field during the collisions. Inertial fields do not exist within imperial public physics for either standard or quantum physics.

Instead of revealing the existence of the quantum inertial field, the Empire made up the neutrino.

According to the Empire the beta decay produced a fixed amount of energy that was divided between the electron and a neutrino. This division would arbitrarily divide the decay energy between the electron and the neutrino giving the electron a continuous spectrum of energy. (The electron did not lose kinetic energy by collision.)

(arg 2) Any particle with enough energy will warp space. How that “particle” interacts with other matter is irrelevant. The energy field of that particle will still react with any mass it encounters.

(arg 3) How can energy pass through matter? Glass allows most of the light to pass through it but it always absorbs some of the light.

All radiation including cosmic rays are absorbed after passing through enough mass.

The neutrino is another example of gas lighting (direct lying) by the Empire.

It gets better.​

The Empire had a fake particle but to make the story believable they had to come up with a fake particle detector. Detectors which cost millions to make, with the detection of 8 neutrinos making front page news.

Except that the only neutrinos detected were produced by the computer code of the detector.

Fake neutrinos are at the core of the Standard Model. Some of “people” contributing to the Standard Model also know about the real physics of particles such as inertial fields and pixelated time.

The Devil “the Father of all Lies” is jealous of his title. The neutrino just stole his crown.