Newfound Earth-size exoplanet has a scorching-hot lava side

HD 63433 d, an interesting exoplanet and report. At least 3 exoplanets reported in this system.

I note using the site, exoplanets with radii 0.38 to 1.2 earth size number 395 (includes TRAPPIST-1 system) and at the nasa archive site, 384 (incudes TRAPPIST-1 system). A large number of exoplanets shown now with sizes like Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars. Little or no reporting showing these exoplanets have abundant liquid water and life on them.
FYI, here is another report on an exoplanet close to earth size known but again, very different than our home world.

LP 791-18 d, Astronomers discover alternative Earth likely covered with volcanoes,

ref - A temperate Earth-sized planet with tidal heating transiting an M6 star,, 17-May-2023. "Abstract Temperate Earth-sized exoplanets around late-M dwarfs offer a rare opportunity to explore under which conditions planets can develop hospitable climate conditions..."

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