'No indication' shot-down objects are alien spacecraft, White House says

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It sounds like the latest 3 objects probably have pretty mundane back stories.

But, without anybody claiming them, it seems that the only way to find out about them is to take physical control of them and investigate them.

So, I don't criticize the Government, but I do criticize the politicians and media for the additional hype.

And, I do have to observe that this would be a bad time for SETI to get a close contact. :rolleyes:
Seriously, they were checking if they were alien spacecraft?

Considering the current prevalence of conspiracy theories, the White House was probably hoping to head-off the next round.

But, given the political climate here in the U.S. these days, all it probably did was provide fodder for the next crazy theory that our President is hiding some alien presence - maybe in a quid pro quo for alien advanced medical capabilities to keep him alive for the second term?

It would almost be fun to make that kind of stuff up and see how many people fall for it - except that it has negative consequences when the crazies get stirred up.
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