Oddball sexaquark particles could be immortal, if they exist at all

"But particle colliders aren't the only place to make sexaquarks. The earliest moments of the Big Bang were a frenetic hotbed of nuclear energies, with temperatures and pressures high enough to forge helium and hydrogen out of a raw soup of quarks. And that forge may have also flooded our cosmos with sexaquarks, along with all the more-familiar subatomic characters."

The time period in the Big Bang model from Planck time until 3 minutes in the Big Bang model, needs more clear reporting. 1 second after the Big Bang, the universe is flooded with primordial neutrinos too and many exotic particles can arise in the period Planck time until one minute or later after the Big Bang model, e.g. inflatons, magnetic monopoles. There is the baryon asymmetry problem too, matter vs. anti-matter where all matter is immediately destroyed emerging from the Big Bang, primordial soup, thus no universe can evolve :)


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