Planetary defense experts use infamous asteroid Apophis to practice spotting dangerous space rocks

What do they do after spotting an Earth crossing asteroid? It seems to me that currently Earth has no physical defense system in place to interdict such a thing. Paging Sgt. Alvin York?
Mar 5, 2020
Sgt Alvin York?

Do you think that these asteroids are German 😊?

If you want to defend Earth you need to start deploying nukes in a billion mile wide protective cloud.

Interstellar asteroid planet killers can come into the Solar System at 500 kms or about 1.1 million miles an hour.

The sooner you deflect it, the more affect you have on its trajectory. And you can’t deflect it (at all) if your nukes are still sitting on Earth.
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I agree wholeheartedly with your post, Geomartian. Let's design, construct and DEPLOY a nuclear shield., soon not later ..... And, my preference, name it after Sgt. Alvin York rather than some paltry, pasty politician. As far as German asteroids go, I'm not prejudice, all Earth crossing asteroids are equally dangerous. So "every time we sees em, we jes tetch em off".
Mar 5, 2020
These planetary defense experts need to develop a sense of urgency. You might have as little as 3 months from detection to impact with an interstellar asteroid.

Try to find a chemical analysis for the “ash layer” found at the cities (near the Syrian impact) that perished in the Late Bronze Age collapse. Entire civilizations spread out over a million square miles were instantly destroyed by the impact flare (super airburst) of an interstellar impact (near Raqqah) in Syria.

These people did not abandon their cities, they died in them. Super heated limestone (lime) and other corrosive materials destroyed all traces of the bodies.

Vast areas in the middle east were rendered lifeless. The high temperatures sterilized the soil which had to be recolonized by microbes from outside the area. A process taking centuries.

Some genetic lines in human history seem to have disappeared at this same time.

A line from the reboot of Battlestar Galactica.

“And all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again.”

We have Cylon Scientists working for the American Government 😊 since interstellar asteroid impacts are completely missing from the scientific literature.

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